Journey of 9-Day 6

Hello all my numerology fans far and wide! This week I’m taking you through a 9-universal day cycle and showing you what the nine vibrations in numerology mean and how you can get through any 9-day cycle and the energy you need to be working with. This is universal energy and not the vibrations from your own numerology chart.

This is for Wednesday July 20th.
7 + 20 + 2022 = 2049
2049 reduces to a Universal day.

Number 6 days are about working on relationships, taking responsibility within all relationships – family, friends, partnerships. It’s about love, caring and compassion. Be a shoulder to lean on. Work with the 6 energy today to cultivate a deeper understanding within your family/friend unit.

For more information on the numbers, click on this link.

Namaste and blessings,
Kathleen xoxo

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