Journey of 9-Day 2

Hello all my numerology fans far and wide! This week I’m taking you through a 9-universal day cycle and showing you what the nine vibrations in numerology mean and how you can get through any 9-day cycle and the energy you need to be working with. This is universal energy and not the vibrations from your own numerology chart.

This is Saturday, July 16th.
7 + 16 + 2022 = 2045 
2045 reduces to a 11/Universal day.

11 is also a master vibration, so you have the added element of intuition and psychic energy. Trust your gut and don’t question it.

Number 2 days call for patience as the energy slows down. It’s also the vibration of cooperation and consideration. Be gentle with yourself as you contemplate your next steps. Rome wasn’t built in a day.

For more information on the numbers, click on this link.

Namaste and blessings,
Kathleen xoxo

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