Your Soul’s Purpose

Your soul number in your Numerology chart indicates your secret desires or wishes. It’s something known only and exclusively to you. While your personality is a vibration that you project out into the world, your soul’s vibration is something very private and internal. It’s the single most important number in your chart and is virtually the motivator behind all your choices in life. Your soul number influences the kind of conditions you like to work under, and the closest relationships you attract. Your soul number is derived from the vowels in your birth name.

Let’s break down the soul number codes and see what they reveal

Soul Number 1. Deep in your heart you need to be independent. Being singular minded, you are an independent soul at heart, strongly individualized and ambitious. Your desire is to get on in the world by your own efforts and intelligence. You could never really be happy in positions where you are tied down or inferior because you have much inner power and determination, and you need to do things your own way. Those with the soul number of 1 could have difficulties in relationships if they are too independent, and likewise may need to work alone or in positions where they are not monitored.
Assigned Sun Sign is Leo, and assigned Planet is the Sun.

Soul number 2. Deep in your heart you are sincere, loving and kind, but sensitive and emotional. You need peace and harmony in all aspects of your life. You don’t like being in large crowds and will walk away from any kind of hostile or volatile situation. Inexperienced twos will often give in to a situation rather than assert themselves especially when younger and let people walk all over them or do something for someone else rather than for you or thinking things through until it’s too late. But as you get older, you use your diplomatic skills to walk away nicely and/or have the ability to not get involved in sticky situations.
Assigned Sun Sign is Cancer, and assigned Planet is the Moon.

Soul number 3. Deep in your heart you are inspirational and imaginative. You are generally happy, friendly and outgoing. You love a party and are drawn inexplicably to a good time. Many comedians and artists have this soul number and are drawn to the verbal arts such as writing, acting, singing, poetry and truly have the gift for gab and communication of all kinds. You are very sensitive and can get your feelings hurt very easily and may wear your heart or soul on your sleeve.
Assigned Sun Sign is Sagittarius and Pisces, and the assigned Planet is Jupiter.

Soul number 4. Deep in your heart you appreciate law and order. Your need for a well organised and a stable life is necessary and you do not like any kind of sudden changes. You prefer orderliness in all things. Your mind is systematic and that is reflected in everything you do from the mundane to the exceptional. The ‘To Do’ list is the bible to the four.
Assigned Sun Sign is Aquarius, and assigned Planet is Uranuns.

Soul number 5. Deep in your heart you need freedom and flexibility, with freedom being essential to your happiness. Variety is the spice of life and you thrive on it. You are well equipped for change and this doesn’t threaten you like others. You are highly resourceful and meet just the right people at the right time to advance your agenda. You are excited over new ideas and opportunities easily come your way. Assigned Sun Sign is Gemini and Virgo, and assigned Planet is Mercury.

Soul number 6. Deep in your heart there is a sense of loyalty. You attention is directed to helping and caring for those you love. You love your home and family, and you work hard to make both comfortable and secure. Your love for family and friends can be a blessing and a curse and can be a major source of happiness and unhappiness. However, you can oftentimes sacrifice your own personal needs for others.
Assigned Sun Sign is Taurus and Libra, and assigned Planet is Venus.

Soul number 7. Deep in your heart you are compassionate. You thirst for knowledge. You study people and can analyze them and size them up quite quickly. You have the gift of a quick and insightful mind, which you use to your advantage to understand the mysteries of life.
Assigned Sun Sign is Pisces, and assigned Planet is Neptune.

Soul number 8. Deep in your heart you are strong and powerful. You desire success in the areas of wealth, power and material comforts. You dream big and want even bigger rewards. While you are not particularly good with the details, you are a visionary and se the horizon and the promise.
Assigned Sun Sign is Capricorn, and Aquarius, and assigned Planet is Saturn.

Soul Number 9. Deep in your heart you want to be of service to the world. You have high ideals and are a perfectionist. You strive to make the world a better place. You challenge is to achieve these goals yourself and to recognise the good you are doing. You are gifted with a good mind and a great deal of wisdom, which makes you a natural teacher or counselor.
Assigned Sun Sign is Aries and Scorpio, and assigned Planet is Mars.

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