June 2022 Numerology

Hello all my Numerology fans! Numerology coach Kathleen here with your Numerology forecast for June 2022, so let’s welcome in a new month with new vibes and new energies.

The vibrations ruling June are 3 and 6

Universal Vibration is 3

The universal month number for June is 3 and is the main vibration this month, so this directs our attention to communication. This month it’s advisable to communicate sincerely and thoughtfully. This is a good time to have serious conversations and finalise any agreements. You can move forward with the signing of contracts, etc.

  • Mercury turns direct on June 3rd. This is a 6 universal day vibration, so this is a day where the relationship energy will be strong.
  • 6 Days are the strongest energy for those with a 6 Soul or Life Path number; or those who have their Sun, Moon or rising in Taurus or Libra
  • These are the days in June to focus attention on good communications skills and best for contracts and workable agreements: June 9th, June 18th and June 27th.

June is the month of 6

This is the secondary vibration for June. This vibration is important because it is in alignment with the universal year of 6, so this is very compatible energy for June. The 6 focuses us on relationships and relationship restoration, especially if things have been torn apart or have been awkward. We will want to fix whatever’s been broken. Renewal and reconnection will restore and cleanse.

  • These are the best days in June to work on all relationships, friendships and partnerships:
    June 3rd, 12th, 21st and 30th.

Astrology Forecast for June

  • Full Moon June 14th in Sagittarius. We will want to work on expansion and freedom.
    Numerology is 8 universal day. This is a great day day to work on money and financial matters. New streams of income are possible. Day of abundance.
  • New Moon June 28th in Cancer. If you have something important you want to start now, this is a great time to do it.
  • Numerology falls on a 4 universal day. You will want to pay attention to any details. Make a list and have a plan. Discipline and structure is important. Build and create what you want.
  • June 21st – Summer solstice begins and the Sun enters Cancer.
  • Numerology falls on a 6 universal day, aligning with the theme of relationships and all partnerships. So be loving, kind and compassionate. Good day to make amends if needed.
  • Cancer Season runs from June 21-July 22. The theme is about family issues, belonging and security, and is especially intense during the New Moon on the 28th.

June Affirmation

My dreams come true because I am creative and imaginative. I express my deepest desires and speak up for myself.

Celebrities who are 3 Life Paths ‘The Communicators’

Alec Baldwin
Andrew Weil
Barbara Walters
Christina Aguilera
David Bowie
Hilary Clinton
Jimmy Buffet
Jodie Foster
John Trabolta
Josh Grobin
Kelly Clarkson
Mary J. Blige
Melanie Griffith
Pierce Brosnan
Scott Baio
Shania Twain
Snoop Dogg

Sending lots of June love and blessings,
Kathleen xoxo

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