Wednesday Wizdom – Transformation

“Have you ever wanted to change some facet of your personality, but another part of you insisted that this is impossible because your genetic programming is responsible for how you think, feel and behave? The latter part of you believes in biologically determined unhappy genes, shy genes, fat genes, and bad luck genes, among many others. Due to your luck of the draw, it will tell you, you have a set of misery genes, along with a sizable cache of weight-gaining genes, if those are the aspects you want to change. This part means to be helpful – but while it wants to protect you from the disappointment of failure, it keeps you stuck in an excuse-driven life. Using the excuse of genetic programming not to do anything about the personal characteristics that you dislike is popular and clearly acceptable in today’s culture.

So, using the aforementioned genetic predisposition as a rationalization, living in constant or unnecessary terror might be explained as your having an overabundance of fear cells, which your stuck with. Thus, a formidable excuse is formulated. No wonder a part of you gets indignant when you attempt to be brave, since it believes I can’t change my biology. A sense of powerlessness ensues when it comes to altering anything about yourself that has become so established, that it feels like who you are.  This is particularly true when you observe traits and characteristics that have been with you as long as you can recall. As if to further cement the idea that you’ve “always been this way” into your total worldview, the limiting part of you asserts There’s nothing that can be done about it; after all I can’t change my basic biology. Excuse me – but you most certainly can.” – Wayne Dyer, Excuses be gone.

Message from Kathleen

For today, stop limiting yourself with excuses about why such and such has not happened and visualise yourself as the person that you will become in life or what you want in life. For it is you who will decide exactly how far you wish to go, who you wish to become and how you are in that manifestation. If you limit yourself due to fear of failure, fear of acceptance, fear of limitations, fear of illness, or anger and regret, then you set yourself up for failure with your own excuse to be a failure.

Today, may you see within yourself that person whose goals are now realised. Be fulfilled by your deepest desires and contemplate that place of perfection within you. Gather your power, gather your intent and focus on who you have become. Transform your thinking and you will transform yourself.

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Love & Blessings,
Kathleen xx

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