February 22, 2022 is a high vibrational frequency that is impacting everyone worldwide. It’s a collective portal of energy that is feeding our souls and bringing us all together. It’s about us finding the center of our soul and activating our heart chakra.

This date is a very important and energetic event that happened on 2/2/2022 and 2/20/2022 bringing great awareness and creating space for harmony, balance, peace and diplomacy worldwide. It’s very transformative energy, culminating on 2/22/2022.

The activation of 2.22.22 is a sign to have hope and be patient that everything will work out. 222222 is a message to find that place of balance inside of yourself so that you can find peace and be harmonious with others. 222222 is the center of your soul and today activates your soul’s journey.

Codes of activation 22, 222, 2222, 222222, 2222222

All numbers are vibrations from a higher power. Pay attention to the numbers or number sequences you see everyday. They mean something very personal to you and are messages from your angels.

Blessings and go in peace.
Kathleen xx

I am at peace with myself and everything that surrounds me.

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