February 22, 2022 is going to be a significant day in the world because the whole date has six 2’s which will intensify world peace and reconciliation. The total date adds up to the number 12, which is a symbol of inspiration propelling humanity towards both diplomacy and sacrifice. Powerful events will unfold and play out on or near this date on the world stage. The zero magnifies the importance of the number 2 which represents peace, diplomacy, union, kindness, understanding and compassion. Things will either connect us together (2) or divide us because the 12 can be the number of the victim or of victim mentality.

Diplomacy & Peace

The vibration of 2 wants to bring us together this year, especially in a harmonious way. Remember in a relationship 1 + 1 = 2. Two harmonizes things and brings things into balance. It’s the soulful and peaceful number that has more of an inner quality to it and is associated to the Moon in astrology, so our inner feelings and our emotions will be felt much more, and even if you aren’t an emotional person, you will be affected in some way. Peace and diplomacy is the key to negations this year on the world stage in order to avoid any kind of violence and/or war that seems to be threatening the world. Any kind of Mars-Moon conjunctions this year, or when the moon transits into the fire signs of Aries or Sagittarius, can trigger warring or military factions and flare ups with can intensify negative behaviour and war-like actions. We simply must step up collectively towards peaceful resolutions.

Love & Relationships

The year 2022 adds up to the number 6, so relationships most certainly will be a big theme and focus this year. This vibration will encourage us to strive for and work on our personal connections. Last year’s universal 5 was more about fundamental change, plus it was more of a chaotic vibration so things just felt more unstable. This year the vibration of love, emotions, appreciation, friendships, passion and allegiance will take center stage and it’s strength lies in empathy, compassion and healing.

Strength or Sacrifice

The whole date of 2-22-2022 adds up to the number 12. The number 12 is strongly associated with the heavens—the 12 months, the 12 signs of the zodiac, and the 12 stations of the Moon and of the Sun. The ancients recognized 12 main northern stars and 12 main southern stars. In the Tarot, the number 12 is associated with the Hanged Man. This certainly can reflect victimhood, dishonesty or ignorance. There is a feeling of being suspended in time right now. There is this awareness in the universe that we are unsure of our next steps. This is the time to pause, to look and to listen before moving ahead with any plans. Pauses in life can be either voluntary or involuntary. Sometime we are just forced to sit things out and wait. When you take the time to be still and think before moving ahead, this is an invitation to your inner wisdom, and welcoming these pauses in life. When you are able to see things from a new perspective, this prepares you for new ways to up-level your life from victim mode to the smooth and effortless mode.

When the power of love
overcomes the love
of power the world will
know peace.
– Jimi Hendrix

Namaste and blessings,


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