2022 World Peace & Love. Can we achieve it?

Love hard. And when it’s reciprocated, love harder.

2 + 0 + 2 + 2 = 6

As we enter the year 2022, we are hoping and praying to see some signs of relief on the world stage in all areas politically, economically, socially, racially and climate change. It seems as if the world is splitting apart at the seams. There is so much chaos, confusion, world disorder, hate, disbelief, rage, social discord, devisiveness, racial injustices and the list goes on and on. But at the crux of it, we the people are the ones who are split apart from ourselves and everything in the world. Our personal relationships with others, love and world peace begins with us. We are wondering will 2022 be the year that we turn a corner? Will this be the year that we will finally have relief from all the chaos?

The interesting thing about 2022 is that it has three 2’s in it, and before we get to number 2, we have to consider number 1 because it precedes the 2. Number 1 is about I and Me. Number 1 wants to be independent and on its own. However, number 2 is about us and we. It’s the relationship number. It wants to connect us to each other. This is something we must work toward this year and we are given opportunity with the positive benefits that it provides for relationship connection and learning to be at peace with each other.

2022 will carry a 6 universal energy and the focus worldwide will be on healing, love and all relationships. The way we love and how we love, and all personal and emotional connections will be affected this year in one way or another. But it’s the three 2s in the whole date that is the key to this year’s universal theme, which is:

Peace. Diplomacy. Collaboration. Empathy. Arbitration

The Strength of 2

Number 2 is the predominant power behind the total year number and the primary energy that will drive everything this year on the world stage in key negotiations and crisis resolution. We will be required to find diplomatic channels of peace, compassion and cooperation.

Number 2 resonates with the vibrations and energies of service, peacemaker, balance, harmony, patience, diplomacy, charm, co-operation, consideration, friendliness, receptivity, love, understanding, kindness, insightfulness, sensitivity, justice, selflessness, poise, intuition, caution, grace, mediation, encouragement, partnerships and relationships.

Strength: In the positive position, 2 is sensitive, tactful, diplomatic and cooperative. 2 tends to be the peacemaker and is loving, kind and patient.

Weakness: In the negative position, 2 is oppressive, austere, bitter and comfortless.

What 2 provides in 2022: Human rights, liberty, equality and tolerance.


At the heart of empathy is Love. They are intertwined this year because of the 2-6 vibration and they both connect us in ways that are undeniable. One is empty without the other. Relationships begin with basic connection and then go on to thrive with the food of love and compassion. This is the fuel that drives empathy.

The Universal Energy of 6

2022 will carry an energy of 6, and the focus worldwide will be on healing, love and all relationships. 2 is the drive and power behind 2022, but 6 is the byproduct and the bonus of 2022. This year will be all about human kindness and compassion for each other.

Number 6 is related to the vibrations and energies of unconditional love, balance, harmony, home, family, parenthood, guardianship, service, selflessness, responsibility, nurturing, empathy, sympathy, self-sacrifice, humanitarianism, compromise, emotional depth, honesty, integrity, adjustment, protection,  healing, idealism, justice, conscientiousness, problem-solving, seeing clearly, teaching, peace, grace, dignity, reliability, provider, art and musical talent.

Strength: 6 in the positive position is responsible, very loving, self-sacrificing, protective, sympathetic and compassionate. It is the loyal, maternal figure who take care and listen to their family, friends, pets and clients.

Weakness: In the negative position 6’s can overstep boundaries, create tensions in family and friendships when they become too involved. 6 worries too much, is suspicious, can be emotionally unstable, cynical or jealous and can have dictatorial behavior.


2022 is a Lover’s year in the Tarot and number 6 is assigned to the planet Venus. With so much love and relationship energy, it begs the question “who or what will you attract to take and enjoy this year’s journey with you”?

There will be heavy relationship karma in 2022. We will need to balance and work on this karma, and learn to harmonize with each other.

This year will be all about human kindness and compassion for each other. Tune into the vibrations of love and harmony and see how it can help you adapt to a new way of being.


The vibrations of 6-2 are in harmonious relationship to each other and are a good match this year on the world stage. Consideration of feelings is important and something to work on and to encourage. But can we achieve love and world peace in 2022? The potential exists, but it is up to each of us collectively. We have to want it, and we will have to work hard for it. It’s not something that is automatically guaranteed or that may even come this year. I think we will have to go through a whole numerological cycle before we see change, which could be all the way until 2026 when we begin a new 9 world year epicycle.

As an optimist, I believe, we can achieve world peace and love if we work at it diligently and faithfully, but fair warning, these precious things may not be, and most likely won’t be achieved this year because of so many variable factors – civil disorder is increasing, inequality and injustices are just warming up and climate change will alter the look of the landscape in some regions and locations, so we are facing real struggles in the world for several years to come. This year also marks the United States first Pluto return on February 19th. A Pluto return only happens once every 250 years, give or take a few, and signals major shifts in a nation’s power and influence. The power the United States has had and enjoyed, may shift to a lesser role on the world stage this year. Pluto is in the 2nd house, so there’s that number 2 again. The 2nd house controls money, work, income, values, material possessions, habits, your job and your self-worth. I will cover this topic in more detail in a future blogpost. But the reality is that things are serious in the world.

Happy New Year. May your journey this year be filled with compassion, empathy and healthy relationships. May you connect to those you are estranged from and come to a higher understanding about each other. I leave you with this,

Let compassion move you. Let kindness guide you. Let love open you. Let peace be within you. 

Love Kathleen xx

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