Your 2022 Tarot Year

In numerology everyone vibrates to a particular personal year number. This number represents what your main goals, focus and experience is for the year – your tests, lessons and challenges based on the primary numbers 1 through 9. Click here to read your personal year number forecast for 2022.

In the Tarot, you resonate to a particular card energy based on one of the 22 major arcana cards. Pictures are powerful, so I thought this would be interesting to show you what your archetypal energy looks like this year through the constellation of the Tarot. All Personal Years, Numerology or Tarot, are based on a calendar year from January 1st through December 31st.

Calculating Your Tarot Year

Add the month and date of your birth to the current year, which is 2022, and reduce it to 22 or less.

Example 1 Double Digit year
Month of birth 8
Day of birth 26
Current Year 2022
2048 = 14. This person is in a Temperance year.

Example 2 Single Digit year
Month of birth 3
Day of birth 9
Current Year 2022
2034 = 9. This person is in a Hermit year

Your Tarot Year Synopsis

1 – A Magician year. See the notes below.

2 – A High Priestess year is for developing intuition and sacred knowledge.

3. A Empress year signifies a strong connection to your femininity.

4. A Emperor year is when you protect and defend your loved ones. You are the rock.

5. A Hierophant year represents your spiritual values, wisdom and beliefs.

6. A Lovers year represents your conscience connections and meaningful relationships.

7. A Chariot year is a year of willpower, determination and outer strength.

8. A Strength year is when you develop inner strength to overcome obstacles.

9. A Hermit year is about being alone to search your soul, introspection and inner guidance.

10. A Wheel of Fortune year is a turning point and you bring seeds to a new direction.

11. A Justice year heralds a new beginning with decisions to be made.

12. A Hanged Man year is the year you release things from your past.

13. A Death year is about transformation, regeneration and termination.

14. A Temperance year is a year of alchemy – one in which you combine things in new and different ways.

15. A Devil year is your year to stir things up. Be devilish but don’t become obsessed with desires.

16. A Tower year is a revolutionary year with opportunities to shatter truths and barriers.

17. A Star year is a time of reflection and hope. You rejoice in freedom and your aspirations.

18. A Moon year is powerful because you reflect on your emotions and individual identity.

19. A Sun year brings the birth of new projects to fruition. You arrive at new realizations.

20. A Judgement year is where you come face to face with your own mortality. It’s the end of something.

21. A World year indicates the completion of major projects and being at the end of a cycle and rebirth.

22. A Fool year – See the notes below.

Notes: This post is based on Mary K. Greer’s book “Who Are You In The Tarot.” According to Mary,

“No one in our era can experience the Magician year either as a personality card, hidden factors, Teacher or year card. Since January 1, 998, the number 1 has not appeared by itself and it won’t show again until we get dates adding up to 10,000, beginning on December 31, 9957 CE. You might, however, want to consider the role of the Magician in Wheel of Fortune and Sun years.”

“The last possible Fool year for an individual would have been January 1, 1991, and there won’t be another one for about 250 years, but reverberations of it may be felt in Death and Emperor years…”

To learn more about your personal year through the Tarot, I highly suggest that you get Mary K. Greer’s book “Who Are You In The Tarot.”

Blessings for a happy and prosperous 2022.

I don’t know where I’m going from here, but I promise it won’t be boring. – David Bowie

Love Kathleen xx

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