December Numerology

December is a 17/8 Universal Month
17 is Hope & Optimism
8 is Courage & Power

The Optimism of 17

The vibration of number 17 collectively infuses us with good fortune, hope, optimism and rewards all during December. Opportunities to receive all kinds of assistance – money, gifts, advancements and promotions – are all possible under this energy. You could also receive some sort of recognition. This is just the sort of energy that brightens you and keeps you positive. Determination to overcome obstacles is an overriding theme and you are determined, expectant and confident. In the Tarot number 17 correlates to the Star card in the major arcana – a welcome reprieve after the previous month of destruction and turmoil.

The Value of 8

The vibration of 8 is the main theme in December and it’s important because it resonates with personal power, inner strength, authority, money, business acumen and riches. It is the one number that is the great equalizer → it automatically counterbalances the material and immaterial worlds. Therefore it’s important to keep one foot firmly planted on the Earth while reaching for the stars.

The vibration of 8 fully supports financial and material abundance, and unexpected rewards from the past can show up. All 8 days that add up to the number eight (8th, 17, 26th) and all Universal 8 days (9th, 18th, 27th) brings with it an incredible rush of energy and gives the push needed to move forward with good judgement, self-confidence and strength. These are all the days to work on your finances; or that monies will be paid out to you; or work/business opportunities are afforded you and show up in a timely manner. In the Tarot number 8 correlates to the Strength card in the major arcana, which represents the human spirit’s ability to overcome any obstacles.

Personal Year Compatibility

Your personal year number sets the tone for you each year. It has the biggest influence in all of your numerology cycles, and each numbered year has its own characteristics from a 1 personal year cycle all the way through to the 9 personal year cycle (as we only deal with numbers 1-9 in numerology). Your personal year forms the building steps that mark your progress through life. A 1 personal year is all about beginnings and starting over. By the time you get to a 9 personal year, you are in a year of completion, release and transformation.

The following comparisons are between your personal year number and the universal month of 8 in December. I love to compare vibrations for compatibility and have created different zones for comparing the vibrations to each other. The Green zone is like a green light and is the best zone to be in because it’s conducive to your ideals and goals. The Blue zones are the happy zone to be in and things are quite comfortable. Red Zones are the most challenging and can be quite difficult.

Personal Year 2s, 4s, 8s

If you are in a personal year of 2, 4 or 8, you are in the Green Zone full speed ahead kind of feeling. You zoom through the month and have a lot of energy. Nothing can stop you.

Personal Year 3, 7, 9s

If you are in a personal year of 3, 7 or 9, you are in the Red Zone in December. Caution is advised! There could be challenges, delays and snafus. Best to sit back this month and not force anything.

Personal Year 6s

If you are in a 6 personal month, you are in the Blue Zone in December and feeling pretty comfortable. Most days this month can be experienced as enjoyable and you are pretty happy.

Special Note: Anyone born on the 17th of any month or with an 8 Life Path or 8 Destiny number will be experiencing this 8 vibration more intensely, either positively or negatively. The power lies within you. To calculate your personal year number, see below.

What’s Going on For you in 2022?

I have posted my 2022 Forecasts for every personal year number. Click on this link to find out what your personal theme is for next year and how to get the most out of your personal experience.

Calculate Your Personal Year Number

Add up your day of birth and month of birth and add it to the universal year of 5. Example of someone born on March 11th is like this. 3 + 11 + 2021 = 2036 which adds up to 10/1. This person is in a 1 Personal Year.

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Affirmation for December

This is an auspicious month for me. I now manifest my good fortune. I have every good reason to be optimistic about the direction of my life.

Recite this affirmation at least 3 x a day in order to manifest what you desire to get the best results.

To order my Numerology Affirmation cards, click on this link. Please note that no overseas shipping is available.

Blessings for a peaceful and happy holiday with friends and family.

Love Kathleen xx

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