Full Moon Lunar Eclipse Meditation

Lunar Eclipses are agents of change and tend to mark a new turning point. Something ends or something begins They are some of the most powerful tools that the universe uses to get us to wake up to things that need to be changed and worked on. They tend to turn things upside down. But there’s a big positive – they can be used to help us break patterns and shift dynamics, and ultimately they bring about the change that is needed for our soul’s growth even when change is difficult.

In the sign of Taurus, this Full Moon brings a sense of grounding ourselves to the earth. Hold yourself steady and try to walk barefoot to connect with Mother Nature.

Listen to meditation music so you can hear what the universe is telling you. Open your ears and listen. Feel the powerful vibration of this 8 universal day energy and embrace your own power and strength. Embrace this Full Moon Lunar Eclipse as your agent of change and transformation.

Full Moon Affirmation

I have strength
I have courage
I embrace change
I see my shadow self
I am empowered
I am growing

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