Have you done your affirmations today?

Affirmations are designed to help you attract your desires, wishes and goals by using daily affirmations as a tool to help you raise your vibration and manifest what you truly desire through the power of affirmations. An affirmation is a simple statement that is repeated over and over again and is affirmed by repetition. They are you being in conscious control of your thoughts. When you say them, hear them or think them, they become the thoughts that create your reality. Affirmations are your conscious thoughts.

Therefore, it’s very important to come up with an affirmation for that which you truly desire to manifest. You could think of your affirmation as your mantra. A mantra is a sacred utterance that has magical and spiritual powers. This affirmation or mantra can be something you say for the short term, or daily. Just remember that the more you say your affirmation(s), the more you are putting your energy into that thought to make it come to realisation.


“I am abundant and money flows to me effortlessly.”

“I attract a healthy and loving, kind and caring relationship.”

“I am on a mission to create a business that is prosperous and makes me happy.”


If you know about affirmations but don’t practice them – or not on a regular basis – they are really an important part of your manifestation process. Manifestation won’t work unless you make an effort to put in the effort. So I encourage you to do your affirmations as often as possible.

There are tons of affirmations out there, but I have developed a Numerology Affirmation Deck. This deck is based on the science of numbers and the vibrations of each number. We are all energy and one method using my deck is to shuffle and pull a card randomly. The card you select is the energy or vibration the universe thinks you need to be working with. Another method is to pull the cards based on your name numbers (soul number, personality number or destiny number) or your Life Path number and work with the energy in those specific categories. There are no rules. There is an Affirmation Instruction Card in my deck to assist you with the affirmation process.

To purchase my Numerology Affirmation Deck or to learn more learn click here.

“I have the power to create change.”

Blessings and love,

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