The Power of Your First Name

I want to explore the vibration of your first name. In numerology your whole name – the name you were born with and the one that appears on your birth certificate – is your “Destiny” number. Your Destiny number represents what you were born to do.

However, your First name is the personal side of your nature. It reflects the predominant tendency of your spirit and your disposition. It shows your personal attitudes and your true feelings about things.

Over the course of almost 30 years as a numerologist, I’ve done extensive research on the first names of all my family members, my friends, business associates and clients, and I have found the first name vibration to be uncannily accurate. So I’ve compiled my assessment of the first name numbers based on the nine core numbers used in numerology. The chart below will help you to calculate each letter in your first name, or anyone else you desire to assess.

Please note that all double-digit numbers reduce to a single-digit number from 1 through 9. However, if your first name adds up to the number 11, 22 or 33, don’t reduce these numbers because they are master vibrations which have extra special powers. Number 11 will be listed with the number 2, number 22 will be listed with the number 4, and number 33 will be listed with the number 6.

For fun, I have added the name of celebrities or spiritual leaders who go by only one name.

Calculate Your First Name Using This Chart


1️⃣ If You have a Number 1 First Name, you are brilliant, skillful and multitalented and always full of new ideas, but can become scattered. Your task is to remain focused. People want to hang out with you because you have such a good sense of direction with high aspirations and a pioneering spirit. You seem to do things with such a sense of ease with no lifestyle restrictions. You are an unstoppable force of nature and there seem to be no barriers in your world – you know what you want. You are a go-getter and your energy levels are higher than the average person. You are the kind of person who attracts lot of friends. People like to follow you, or be around you because you have the ability to take them where they want to go under your wing and direction.

Famous 1 Names: Bono, Seal, Jewel, Brandy, Diddy, Twiggy, Picasso, Plato, Iman, Socrates, Liberace

2️⃣ If you have Number 2 First Name, you are the type of person that has a calming and serene vibe. This calmness emanates out of you and people are immediately attracted to this stillness that flows out of your energy field. They want some of that same energy and will seem to attach themselves to you. You are an intuitive, sensitive dreamer yet ordered and wise. You are self-sufficient, independent and secretive. You are not by nature prone to want a lot of unnecessary attraction or attention, yet it is fundamental within you and you will have to deal with it because you have this natural and gentle nature that lures people in. People will just automatically come to you for advice or input because it’s simply an inherent gift you have.

Famous 2 Names: Bjork, Pele, Selena

1️⃣ 1️⃣ If you have a Number 11 First Name, you are an enlightened soul that has come back to relearn and tap in to previous wisdom and knowledge. You have all the attributes and qualities of a 2 first name, however with the added benefits of psychic and prophetic powers. You are an inspiration to others who see in you a refinement and an artistic genius which moves their soul. Avant-garde art is your preference and you seem to epitomize unusual and innovative techniques. Recognition and fame may very likely be bestowed upon you because of artistic or humanitarian endeavors. You appear to be a visionary who believes in equal opportunity for all regardless of sex, race, creed or color.

Famous 11 Names: Jesus, Rihanna, Prince, Sade

3️⃣ If you have a Number 3 First Name, you are super fun and exciting personality to be around and you just simply exude joy and inspiration from your core being, which is why people are drawn to you like a moth to a flame. You definitely have the gift of communication and have the ability to express yourself really well. It’s not unusual to see someone with a 3 name in large or small settings – on or off the world stage – inspiring others with your music, your words of wisdom, or as an author or an artist.

Famous 3 Names: Lulu, Drake, Confucius

4️⃣ If you have a Number 4 First Name, you come across as a little more reserved and serious. Your manner is more cautious and conservative. Formality matters to you as do traditional values and procedures. You adhere to established rules and agendas and like to make little “to do” lists for yourself or others. You prefer to be organized which helps you get things done. You are purposeful, tenacious and someone who plans ahead, which brings you success in the material world.

Famous 4 Names: Oprah, Donovan, Monique

2️⃣ 2️⃣ If you have a Number 22 First Name, you are an enlightened soul that has come back to relearn and tap in to previous wisdom and knowledge. You have all the attributes and qualities of a 4 first name, however, you have extra special powers in the areas of building something or creating something from the ground up. Whatever it is that you put your mind to, your ideas will be big and grand. This is a very rare, yet powerful first name vibration and the magnificence of the master number 22.

Famous 22 Names: Buddha, Sinbad

5️⃣ If you have a number 5 First Name, you are someone who is a very “explore-the-world” oriented. You like constant activity, variety and change with a desire to be on the go all the time – freedom is essential for you. You have tons of energy, so it’s difficult for you to sit still or be in one place too long. It’s not unusual for you to just pick up and go very spontaneously because you are very curious about life and prone to take chances. You are a bright, sparkling and witty and a good conversationalist. You have the magnetic attraction vibration and draw many people to you – this is your magic.

Famous 5 Names: Pink, Shakira, Dido, Fergie, Eminem, Michelangelo, Dolly

6️⃣ If you have a number 6 First Name, you are someone who emanates a protective vibration and a sense of responsibility and protection toward others. You definitely think of other people first and have a knack for making them feel better, either through talking with them about their problems or healing them with your curative powers. Your strength is definitely in your ability to be caring, warm and loving. You tend to do a lot for others, and will oftentimes put them ahead of you or your needs. You thrive and are inspired in harmonious surroundings, which help you actualize your dreams.

Famous 6 Names: Sting, Dion, Fabian

3️⃣ 3️⃣ If you have a number 33 First Name, You are an enlightened soul that has come back to relearn and tap in to previous wisdom and knowledge. You have all the attributes and qualities of a 6 First Name, however with the added benefits and super powers of empathy and nurturing. This is a rare vibration. You see clearly a vision of future world conditions and are ready to help in any way you can to bring peace to all mankind.

Famous 33 Names: Bonjovi, Beyonce, Ludacris

7️⃣ If you have a number 7 First Name, you are someone who doesn’t like to be approached in a crazy, wild manner, and don’t want people invading your sense of inner peace and tranquility. You are more guarded and seem very serious when people first meet you and have that air of mystery and secrecy about you. You seem to be the philosopher, the mystic, the poet and the thinker that comes before us in a dignified manner and yet comes across as very thoughtful, understanding and intelligent, You are very contemplative and need a lot of alone time away from the crowds to mull things over before making a decision or coming to a conclusion. You have keen powers of observation.

Famous 7 Names: Cher, Halsey, Ghandi, Jung

8️⃣ If you have a number 8 First Name, you are someone who wields a lot of power and has a dynamic personality. People recognize your authority because you appear affluent and in control. There is an air of the executive about you, one who can manage big business and direct the affairs of any commercial activity. You emanate a personal power and strength which brings recognition wherever you go.

Famous 8 Names: Usher, Jay-Z, Halston, Madonna, Tina

9️⃣ If you have a number 9 First Name, you appear to have the breadth of understanding as well as a personal magnetism that is universal in scope. Your warm, friendly and charming manner pleases all you come in contact with, and the selflessness that you emanate makes you loved by many. You seem to have a tolerance and compassion for others that allows you to forgive and forget easily. You are generous towards the needy and exemplify humanitarian traits. You are an idealist who believes in the progress of the world.

Famous 9 Names: Adele, Yanni, Ashanti, Lorde, Charo, Enya, Shakespeare

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