Election Day Numerology

On Election Day the chart of United States 🇺🇸 will be experiencing a 2 personal day vibration, while on a universal level 🌎 it’s a 9 day vibration that everyone collectively feels. Since we are all part of the United States, this is our personal chart too so we all will be at the receiving end of both energies.

Let Me Break It Down

A 2 vibration represents peaceful resolutions, finding diplomacy and being compassionate in the face of difficulties. It’s about bridging and healing relationships. Things are so divided right now and “we the people” are looking for peace, stability, justice and fairness as the image implies. Diplomacy and understanding as opposed to violence is crucial to the unrest that is brewing under the surface and could unfold after the results are in. On Election Day, the United States is pulling us all together towards a common goal – the union of togetherness. We need each other in order to be in this relationship of unity, because 1 + 1 = 2 after all. Together we can overcome and must come together rather than divide.

A 9 vibration is the vibration of humanity and of the humanitarian. It’s about self-sacrifice and a higher purpose. The goal of the 9 is to bring everyone together – black, brown, left, right. The 9 needs everyone to complete its mission. 9 also represents endings and on a 9 universal day we are desperate to end the current situation the U..S. has found itself in politically. We must be kind in order to experience kindness and we must forgive the trespasses of others. This is the mission of a 9 universal day.

Number Compatibility

Numbers have compatibility with each other just like astrology signs. Some work together and some don’t. A 2-9 vibration is in the neutral or gray zone, meaning things can go either way.

The difficulty lies in the compatibility of the 2 to the 9. On Election Day, we will feel the need and desire to be individually reassured (2) but individuality can be overruled by the strength of the totality of our humanity (9) to overcome the trials and tribulations that we have experienced over the past three and one-half years. Americans want America back and our democracy restored. It’s going to take a village and we must all participate not just individually, but collectively.
Four (4) days. How are you feeling?

Love Kathleen
Namaste 🙏

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