2020 – The Year of the Mask

2020 for all purposes was the year that has been the most difficult in recent memory and will go down in history as the year we regressed back to 1918.

I intentionally skipped my 2020 Forecast this year when I realized in January that a pandemic had hit our shores and it was constantly on the news. I had a feeling of dread and I saw the handwriting on the wall, especially since we were in a 4 Universal Year and we went into lockdown in March. I like many others, considered the phrase “2020 has been cancelled” real and was used and seen as a way to cope. In fact people all over the world were disenfranchised and defenseless. I felt like I was living life in the background of a dystopian novel – not as the main character – but as a bit player. The main villain was the coronavirus.

I like many others, felt exposed and endangered. I was just trying to get through my days by connecting, like we all were, through the internet. My social media accounts became my new best friends and was my therapy. I did things I haven’t done on a regular basis, like meditation rituals, learning new recipes, listening to a lot of music and making bigger cocktails.

Key phrases like “social distancing,” “wear a mask,” “stay 6 feet apart, “it’s the new normal,” and “home schooling” all became the new natural order of life and how our life was going to be lived during the Year of Covid. We were exposed and there was no cover. There was the lockdown and then came the social isolation.

Tom Hanks and Rita Wilson were the first celebrities who came out that they tested positive for covid-19, but they handled it with honesty, grace and sincerity. They shared their experience and gave us updates. But more importantly, they pointed out the importance of wearing a mask, social distancing and washing your hands regularly to help slow the spread.

The 4 Universal Year Forecast

This brings me to the significance of how relevant the number 4 fits the scenario of 2020. The key words of the vibration of 4 are strength and stability. But it also represents discipline, practicality, down-to-earth, reliable. A four can extract things from you before you realize what is happening. It is very precise, methodical, logical, conscientious, frugal, devoted and trustworthy. Four is a very truthful vibration and will tell the truth even if you didn’t ask for it or want it.

The Theme of 2020

The experience this year is about stability, building for the future, having common sense, being true to your values and seeing life for what it is now. Keep those closest to you safe.

As I read what I wrote in 2019 about the understanding and acceptance of what a 4 Year represents, I felt that my words below rang true for 2020 especially in light of the pandemic because the vibration of 4 is always difficult and it’s how we handle adversity that we get through this energy. Number 4 Represents strength and stability. It’s also the vibration of hard work, discipline, structure, digging in and never giving up.

“In 2020 things will be more serious and the focus is on hard work, discipline and putting your ideas into concrete form. There is not much time for personal pleasure and you must stay “on the job” so-to-speak until it’s complete. Even though this year may be filled with considerable effort and hard work, it will pay off in the end when you look back at all you accomplished through your own efforts. Sheer hard work helps you lay the foundation for your future. Therefore – order, systems, organization, management, application and details are very important in all matters related to business, property, building, agreements, contracts or legal matters. The emphasis is on structure, discipline and the value of those things that are important in relationship to being practical and systematic. For example, you may want to renovate or remodel your home; or you analyze family issues scrutinizing all persons within the unit for the betterment of the relationship; or you get a firmer grip on financial issues and perhaps implement a much-needed budget. As the number 4 rules methods and foundations, this vibration helps you begin to look at new ways to work with money or discover new ways to make your money grow and work for you. This year won’t be easy and can be a difficult vibration because it forces you to commit yourself entirely to structure, being organized, persistent and practical. The year is frustrating for you because there can be restrictions and limitations that may halter forward movement, or progress, however, the experience of this year is to gently nudge you to move out of your comfort zone and accept the challenge of limitations. It’s simply a year of hard work. But the silver lining is in the achievement of anything related to building, structure and stability – both personal and financial. The key is to have common sense, be real and be determined.

The Year 2021
We move into a 5 Year and things will open up. Our personal freedoms are restored.

We may not experience this right away, but going by the Numerology chart for the United States, I believe this will gradually begin to happen by March 2021 when the United States is in a 1 personal month. A personal month dictates the main theme for that month. A 1 personal month represents new beginnings and starting over. I believe that by July of 2021, our way of life will be restored and we will begin to break free of stagnant conditions that have held us back due to the pandemic.

Dr. Anthony Fauci believes that there will be a vaccine available by April 2021, so this fits in with this numerology timeline. I strongly believe that by July 2021, when the United States is in a 5 personal month of change, movement and progress – and one that mirrors the 5 year number – this may be the more likely timeline that those of us in the United States will finally begin to resume a post-pandemic life. I also believe that because of the pandemic, many things changed that will never go back to the way they were. This is because we have been tested on a spiritual level in 2020 and one of the lessons is that we must continue to grow and maintain this particular mantra “we are spiritual beings having a human experience.”

I will post more about the meaning and ramifications of 2021’s 5 year very soon. In the meantime, stay safe, be calm and know that everything has a beginning and an end.

Love Kathleen


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    Thank you for you inquiry. Please click on the links in the menu bar “Heart’s Desire and Your Career” and “Life Path Number & Your Career.” I think you will get some insights about yourself by reading those inspirational nuggets.



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