2019 Personal Year Forecast

Your 2019 Numerology Personal Year Forecast
“How To Direct Your Affairs”

2019 is a Year of 12 → Gaining A New Perspective
2019 is the Year of the Pig in Chinese Astrology
2019 is the Year of the Hanged Man in the Tarot

“Life can only be understood backwards; but it must be lived forwards.” 
― Søren Kierkegaard

Understanding your Personal Year Number is part of your Forecasting Chart Cycle that began when you were born and it progresses through a 9-year cycle, and then begins again repeating another 9-year cycle until the end of your life. Your Personal Year Number (PYN) begins with a 1 personal year representing new beginnings and planting seeds, progressing to a 9 personal year representing completion and transformation → completing a 9-year personal cycle. The PYN is important because the year number you are resonating to is a symbol for the energies, the vibrations and the frequencies that will unfold and personally affect you throughout the year. This year number vibration shows you how to direct your affairs and how to get the best out of the experience scheduled to be lived through during the next twelve months. This number vibrates to its own frequency with it’s own set of characteristics and personality traits, stimulating certain experiences, and places an emphasis on what you need to be aware of and understand during the year.

The key is in understanding the vibration of the PYN itself to get the fullest benefit from the vibration that you are experiencing. By understanding this principle, you will have gained wisdom in understanding how to handle the energy of each 9-year cycle. This knowledge provides you with the ability to plan ahead for the next 9 years, so that you can utilize the full strength and energy of each PYN – and the 9-year cycle as a whole. This way you can begin to strategize and formulate a plan for the beginning of each new 9-year journey. So for example, if you are in a 1 PYN in 2018, your current 9-year cycle will end for you in 2026. And as you progress from a 1 personal year to a 9 personal year – by planning ahead, having strategies in place, and learning the lesson from each personal year vibration – you will be much more successful and be able to transition from year-to-year with a favorable outcome. Then you truly come into your power and go into the next 9-year cycle with much more clarity and vision.

Don’t worry if you are not at the beginning of a 9-year cycle. Simply get your bearings by reading the experiences from each prior Personal Year, so that you will understand what’s on the agenda and know how to handle the energies of the PYN you are in this year in order to get the best from the overall experience as you move forward this year.



Number 1 Personal Year

The experience this year is one of new beginnings and planting seeds. Chart your course for the next 9 years now by strategizing. Utilize every year number as a symbol to help you navigate your course.

Between January this year and the end of December, your affairs are directed towards making a new start and setting new goals. What you begin this year carries the momentum of the next 9 years, so your future course depends on not only what you do, but how you think and plan ahead. This year begins with quick and fast energy, and in January you realize It’s time to let go of the past and take massive and colossal action!. If you are itching to do or try something new, this year you can make it happen and make a mark for yourself. This year it’s about making major changes, of growth and planning ahead for the future. You feel new life coursing through your veins and you have a new agenda. You have intent. You are on purpose. Suddenly your vision is 20/20. As you prepare for the year ahead – working on new projects or endeavors – keep in mind the total vision that will take you progressively into the next 9 years. Have a plan from this year forward all the way into the next 9 years that will be so seamless, that even you will be amazed. This year, you have every opportunity to utilize all your skills in order to achieve your main objective, but one thing is certain – you must be very clear about where you are going and what you want. When you are crystal clear, you can then manifest your deepest desires. Be true to your fundamental core beliefs and what it is you truly desire. This year focus on what you want and get what you want. Be forward thinking. Create yourself in every distinct way. Advice: Stand alone, assert yourself, take action, start fresh, express independence

Number 2 Personal Year

The experience this year is to keep the momentum going by staying focused on your plans. Be patient even when there are delays.

Between January this year and the end of December, things slow down considerably and your affairs will direct you to focus on patience, cooperation and helping others. After the high energy of last year, this is the year to sit back and be patient before rushing ahead. You must work on issues relating to self-restraint. Advancement and progress can happen, but the best results are attained by being tactful, cooperative and waiting for things to develop at their own pace. Understand that your plans can advance, but they cannot come to fulfillment until they mature. Last year, you planted the seeds. This year the seeds grow and sprout. As you are forced to slow down, you will gain wisdom from these virtues. You may have to wait for the results you desire way longer than you anticipated. You simply will not be able to force people, things or issues. So if you are trying to make a change or make something happen in the areas of personal growth, relationships or your career for example, you must understand that it’s not going to be easy or may not happen on the timetable you may have planned on. Again it’s about patience and self-restraint. Let Spirit be your guide and stay out of your way. The relationship factor is strong during a 2 personal year, so you may find yourself wanting to get into a new relationship or work on an existing relationship. After last year’s vibration of being quite independent and self-reliant, you may find yourself wanting to surround yourself with others because it’s time to work on your emotional body and feelings. The partnership / relationship vibration will be quite strong all year long, so if you want to attract a healthy relationship, put it out there – and then sit back and wait for the results. If you already are in a relationship you may have to work on issues within the relationship itself – then prepare to wait for the outcome. Healing takes time. This year as you discover your sensitive side, you learn how to support and help others in ways you have not yet experienced before. You may find that you are way more diplomatic and cooperative than ever before and suddenly you have this talent to be the peacemaker in your family, among your friends or peers. You will really get a lot of pleasure from helping others out who need you this year. Be the “Solutions” persons people go to for help. Advice: Be patient, kind, integrate and keep the momentum going.

Number 3 Personal Year

The experience this year is to expand yourself in areas of creativity and communication. Use your imagination. Be expressive. Be inspired.

Between January this year and the end of December, you should focus on personal expansion and creativity by making use of everything creative, inspirational and visionary. By implementing these qualities all during the year, you will experience and find what makes you happy. If you want to utilize the full experience of the 3 Personal Year, you may want to choose friends that are creative and artistic. Connect and attach yourself to those who awaken your imagination and stir your creative juices, because they can help you along your path to communicate, speak or teach something important to you or to help you tap into your creativity. This year get in touch with your inner child and discover what it feels like to be free and unencumbered. When you feel no obstructions, you will be able to attract more harmonious situations, and positive and upbeat people who can reciprocate. This is crucial to your happiness. In addition, your communication skills will come to the forefront in some way – either through new friends or personal desire – and you could find yourself in fields where you speak to audiences through teaching, singing, comedy, acting or writing for example. You have lots of opportunity to expand your artistic and creative talents this year, especially if your Life path or Destiny number is a 3. The downside of a 3 personal year is that you may not finish what you start and you can become unfocused because the 3 vibration is very social and can take you off course. Therefore, you must be careful that you don’t scatter your energies or drain and exhaust yourself. It’s imperative that you stay on task so you don’t miss out on what you are to experience – expansion, creativity and communication. This year will require discipline and focus, which is crucial to your success. Don’t derail yourself. By fully stepping into the experience of the 3 Personal Year, everything will be improved – especially in business matters and personal relationships. This year it’s about joyful experiences and being happy. But don’t look for happiness outside of yourself – it’s always within. Advice: reach out, but avoid scattering your energies.

Number 4 Personal Year

The experience this year is to be more practical and build for the future. Plan ahead Have common sense. Be determined.

Between January this year and the end of December, get out the toolbox because the energy changes considerably after the upbeat and positive vibration of last year. This year, things are more serious and the focus is on hard work, discipline and putting your ideas into concrete form. There is not much time for personal pleasure and you must stay on the “job” so-to-speak until it’s complete. Even though this year may be filled with considerable effort and hard work, it will pay off in the end when you look back at all you accomplished through your own efforts. Sheer hard work helps you lay the foundation for your future. Therefore – order, systems, organization, management, application and details are very important in all matters related to business, property, building, agreements, contracts or legal matters. The emphasis is on structure, discipline and the value of those things that are important in relationship to being practical and systematic. For example, you may want to renovate or remodel your home; or you analyze family issues scrutinizing all persons within the unit for the betterment of the relationship; or you get a firmer grip on financial issues and perhaps implement a much-needed budget. As the number 4 rules methods and foundations, this vibration helps you begin to look at new ways to work with money or discover new ways to make your money grow and work for you, so that you can spend some of that hard-earned money. Maybe it’s time to get an Investment Advisor to help you with your investments, a banker to help you secure a loan for a business deal or a lawyer to assist you with a legal matter. This year won’t be easy and can be a difficult vibration because it forces you to commit yourself entirely to structure, being organized, persistent and practical. The year is frustrating for you because there can be restrictions and limitations that may halter forward movement, however, the experience of this year is to gently nudge you to move out of your comfort zone and accept the challenge of limitations. It’s simply a year of hard work. But the silver lining is in the achievement of anything related to building, structure and stability – both personal and financial. The key is to have common sense, be real and be determined. Advice: get yourself organized, work to build your resources, keep busy.

Number 5 Personal Year

The experience this year is to discover that spontaneity, change and unpredictability have a certain type of nobility. You finally break free of stagnant conditions that hold you back.

Between January this year and the end of December, get ready for big changes that are about to enter your life because change, freedom, travel and adventure beckon your spirit and provides a much needed change of pace after the experience of restrictions and limitations last year. This year, it’s about change, freedom and movement of some sort. This change could be as simple as moving across town or it could be huge like buying a house, or where you move to another state or country all together. You could change jobs. You could change career or begin to work for yourself. It could also be a time of inner change when you finally know it’s time to change fundamental behaviors. This year it’s all about change, freedom, unpredictability and the unforeseen– so be prepared for anything to happen. Restrictions are finally lifted and you feel more alive, adventurous and daring than you have felt in quite a while. A 5 vibration can bring about excesses or addictions and there is wisdom in not exceeding the speed limit so to speak. The key is to examine the root cause of why you have the tendency toward addictive behavior – drugs, alcohol, to flee situations, not finish projects or run away from people or circumstances. Discover ways to work on solutions. Rather than shirking your obligations or commitments, change your mental attitude. While a 5 personal year is about new adventures and personal expansion – and is an exciting year with lots of opportunity to advance and promote yourself – it can also be an unstable and chaotic vibration. You need to be prepared for the changes and upheaval that the experience of the 5 Personal Year brings. The ride could be a little bumpy, because change collides with uncertainty and realignment where you may have to experience different ways of being and doing things – there may be no “norm” this year. Advice: explore, look for adventure, keep your eyes open for opportunities, mingle.

Number 6 Personal Year

The experience this year is to work on all relationships. Meet your responsibilities. Be truthful and charitable. Harmonizing & settling all disputes with loved ones should be your motivation.

Between January this year and the end of December, this is the year to cultivate. attract and work on relationships of all kinds – love, children, in-laws, partnerships, business and so on. Unlike last year where you may have repelled situations and people away from you because you had an aversion to restrictions and limitations, this year you will find yourself being attracted to people, places or things. You are like a magnet with alluring qualities. You will also lean more towards a more nurturing, protective and compassionate role this year. For those who are single, some sort of strong romantic relationship or attraction can find its way into your heart. Trust in this process and think of yourself as that magnet that attracts love. If you’re already in a relationship, but have not made a commitment, or you are taking each other for granted, you have an opportunity to move into a deeper phase of the relationship. This year, it may be a time to help a family member who is going through a difficult time. This is where the vibration of the 6 is magnificent – it steps in and helps in the most dire of circumstances because it’s the parent vibration. However, while it’s important to help those you love who are in trouble, it’s equally important not to interfere or meddle when the situation does not warrant it. Help for the sake of helping, but understand that everyone is on their own journey, so don’t overstep your bounds. You can only do so much and then the rest is up to them. Don’t interfere out of your own negativity or be reactive – shift your attention to why you are helping them in the first place. There is also the tendency to do too much for others and not enough for yourself, so another experience you may attract this year is to change this behavior and refocus your attention on yourself. When you have a good relationship with yourself and love yourself, you create healthy boundaries. Advice: develop existing relationships, be positive and receptive because these kinds of energies help you to attract what you desire.

Number 7 Personal Year

The experience this year is to masterfully embrace the power of faith and listen to your inner voice. Go within and perfect your inner self.

Between January this year and the end of December, get ready to go within this year because during a 7 Personal Year, you will definitely be more introspective and seeking solitude. You will find yourself analyzing everything and everyone to the nth degree. After the magic of relationships last year, this will not be a year to work on relationships – or any kind of materialistic pursuits for that matter. This year you go deep inside of yourself and refocus your energies and work on your inner self. You may even discover spirituality or religious beliefs and find a deeper connection to God or Spirit. If you want to grow spiritually or in a religious sense, change begins inside of your soul. Therefore, this year the experience is not to look without yourself – but to look within yourself. It’s definitely a year where you will automatically want to or need to spend time alone – pondering, scrutinizing and analyzing your life. Your success this year depends on your ability to strengthen your spiritual foundation by strengthening the core of your inner self. If you find yourself questioning who you are, where you are going, or what you are doing, then perhaps it’s time to try meditation, take a yoga class, learn breathing techniques, get into nature, be near water, discover spiritual or religious centers. The point is to go, to be and to do those things that will help you find the answers to the meaning of your life. Again, I must remind you that this year you must let go of all material desires or artificial pursuits and let in the growing awareness of your spiritual self. It’s all about solitude, introspection and perfecting the inner self. Advice: take stock of your life in order to prepare for more exciting years to come, examine the past and plan for the future, get in touch with your deepest needs and uncover your personal power, don’t strain yourself or actively try to expand.

 Number 8 Personal Year

The experience this year is to work on personal and financial prosperity. This is your year of rewards, respect and recognition.

Between January this year and the end of December, get ready to come into your power. After all the soul searching you went through during a 7 personal year, get ready to discover your personal power and inner strength.  You will find success in the areas of money, banking, getting your financial act together and all business opportunities. You will learn more about how to handle your hard earned cash, your investments or any financial matters during the year because the number 8 is a business number. The 8 vibration helps you understand the nature of money and resources – what it gives and what it takes away. Wealth can be yours this year – on the mental, physical and spiritual planes — if you understand how to use all your resources in positive ways. Money is a spiritual resource, however, you must use this energy wisely. You can experience great gain or great loss depending on how you handle the experience of the year. If you put too much emphasis on money or financial gain, or want these things for all the wrong reasons – it will elude you or get you into trouble. There are opportunities to start a new business venture or become an expert in some field where your leadership, entrepreneurial or coaching skills are required because the 8 also rules these characteristics. You instinctively know how to lead yourself and others to success because you have strength and confidence. People will sense these qualities about you. If you are a Life Coach, Mentor, Spiritual Counselor, Financial or Investment Advisor, CPA or Banker, for example, with an 8 Life Path or Destiny – this energy is strongly activated for you this year. You can succeed in all business and financial matters if you use the energies this year wisely. However, during an 8 personal year you also need to relax more. Don’t do so much or overexert yourself so that your health suffers – an 8 characteristic. Also it’s important learn to trust more and understand that difficult situations can and will be resolved without undue force or pressure. This year if you have the courage to step into your power and succeed in all business and/or financial matters – it’s because you can. It simply is the nature of the 8. However, you must let go of your inner fears so that you may triumph in spite of your anxieties. Don’t stress so much. Advice: take action, plan ahead, seize opportunities.

Number 9 Personal Year

The experience this year is to focus on the fine mingling of letting go and holding on. Get rid of what does not work and keep that which does.

Between January this year and the end of December, get ready to work on completion, release and transformation because you have finally arrived at the end of a 9-year cycle. Your personal year vibration aligns with the World Year of 9, so the experience this year can be more intensified.  A 9 personal year represents all that you have worked on during the last 8 years. What you set and put into motion during your 1 personal year may now be bearing fruit and is or will be completing itself in some way. If you have not sown your seeds properly, you will have to go back to the drawing board next year. However, you will be offered conclusion to the efforts you have put in so far. During the year, as you look back at the fruits of your labor over the past 9 years – you can finally see how your efforts have progressed through the seeds you planted at the beginning of this 9-year cycle. Things will be concluding because they have come to a natural ending or conclusion based on the strategies and efforts you put into place in your 1 Personal Year. If things have not worked out, or ended unexpectedly, it is because they are no longer useful to you or your life’s purpose. It could be time to change strategies or methods in order to start over – employ the energies of the 1 and the 4 in this case. If things are on track for you and you are still on purpose, congratulations. Continue to stay on your path. You may even experience severe loss through death, divorce, health or career related issues. When and if things come to an end – planned or unplanned – you will have lots of opportunity to start over fresh next year when you will be in a new 9-year cycle during a 1 personal year. It’s important to remember that for every ending, there is a new beginning. This year you could also become attracted to humanitarian endeavors where you have the opportunity and resources to help others in large or small ways and make a difference in the lives of others. If this is the case, then open your heart and soul and give of yourself freely and generously. The experience of the year helps you with generosity, and benevolence. You can experience the big break you are looking for this year. Advice: let go of things that are holding you back, give of yourself and express your sympathetic, compassionate side.

May all your dreams & every wish you have for 2019 come true this year. Hold onto your vision.

Love & Namaste,



Calculating Your Personal Year Number in 1 Easy Step

What frequency are you vibrating at in 2019 and what do you need to experience this year? First you must figure out what your personal year number is by doing some simple math. Simply add the month and day of your birth to the current year using the example for someone born on March 9th:

  1. Add the day and month of birth to the current year: 3 + 9 +  2 + 0 + 1 + 9 = 24
    (Number 24 reduces to the single digit of 6. This person is in a 6 Personal Year)


All double-digit numbers must reduce to a single digit number. Additionally, the double-digit master numbers 11 and 22 must be reduced to either a 2 or a 4 respectively as Master Numbers are not used in personal year forecasting.

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