How A Venus Retrograde Affects You This Year


Venus is Retrograde October 5 – November 16, 2018

Venus, the planet associated with the power of love, the power of attraction, the power of quiet, gentle persuasion and the attraction of money and wealth just went retrograde in the sign of Scorpio October 5th and then shifts into Libra on October 31st all the way through November 16th when it will go direct.

What this means is that everything related to relationships, partnerships and love is going to be affected in ways that will push us to really examine ourselves and relationships if we are in one, or why we aren’t in one and want to be.

During a retrograde phase, it’s the best time to revise, reassess and reconnect in all aspects that the word relationship means. This retrograde will affect our self-esteem and how we value ourselves – especially for Women. It’s going to be about what we allow in and how intimacy plays a role. Sexuality issues will be at the core of anything negative, and any childhood abuse issues can come to the surface which can affect and impact your most intimate relationships – even if things were going well.

A Venus Retrograde is like a timeout in the love department giving us a chance to regroup and relearn how to be more intimate, present and loving with your partner. Destiny encounters are possible and you may actually come into contact with your soulmate. So be open to all possibilities and look your best when out and about because you never know who you are going to run into.

Below are the 9 Life Path Numbers and how this Venus Retrograde will affect you personally during this Venus Retrograde.  How to calculate your Life Path number is at the end of this post.

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If you are a 1 Life Path

You are normally the instigator of relationships with a strong desire to lead in areas of romance and the one who likes to call the shots. However, a Venus retrograde could have other plans for you and your normally individualistic and independent style of love could be sidelined for the next six weeks. You could find yourself holding back and feeling less adventurous in the love department, or others may not let you in if you are too forceful. You may be struggling with sitting still and being idle that can’t seem to get any forward momentum going. This feels uncomfortable to you. Number 1 is associated with the sign of Leo who is courageous, kind and loyal, but right now feelings of jealousy and aggressiveness could be taking over. You have a great deal of self-worth, but I suggest that you pay attention to areas that need work and improvement as they impact your relationships and look at areas where you can be stubborn or selfish.


If you are in a 2 Life Path

You will feel the urge to connect with someone who is sensitive and will pay attention to your moods and emotions. The vibration of 2 is associated with the Moon representing the subconscious mind and instinctual behavior, so there is the desire for fresh experiences and feelings to be in a relationship that is nurturing. But this will be interpreted as neediness and clinginess on your part, so your attempts to want more will just bring out your insecurities and need for attention. Since you are so sensitive now, be prepared to have your feelings hurt and not expect your significant other to live up to your expectations. Also the ability to negotiate in a diplomatic way can be thwarted, so expect this Venus Retrograde to be not as emotionally fulfilling as you would like and may actually make you feel more emotionally vulnerable instead. I suggest that you work on your temperamental and sentimental needs, putting your energies into being more open and secure. This will make you much more attractive.



If you are in a 3 Life Path

This retrograde is going to trigger the side of you that is always happy and cheerful to be a little more subdued and somber. You may even experience a little anxiety and may even stay away from those parties you like because of your feelings of insecurity. This will definitely affect any personal relationships where you were once cheerful and lighthearted, causing your love to back off leaving you in a state of panic. The vibration of 3 is associated with Jupiter representing opportunity and increase in the areas of money and love. This retrograde will work against your ability to attract both money, love, your desire to be social and have the fun that you crave. This Venus retrograde will teach you how to communicate better in any relationship and be more inspirational, rather than complaining and getting your feelings hurt all the time. It’s time to be less superficial and gossipy. You must learn to be the dynamic, expressive communicator that this year affords you during this venus retrograde cycle.



If you are in a 4 Life path

You will feel completely disorganized and maybe a little useless during this Venus retrograde because your ability to get down to business and completing tasks is going to be a little more challenging. Even the solid plans and ideas you have had this year may seem more exhausting in terms of execution. This thing you have with organization and stability also plays into how you approach love and relationships during a Venus retrograde, and may test your sense of stability and dependability. You may find yourself wondering if you can be the kind of faithful and responsible husband, wife lover or partner that you normally are. Frustrations and doubts will surface about financial situations as they relate to your family and if you are able to do enough or if there will be enough of everything to cover your lifestyle that you have so carefully planned out. You could be feeling insecure about money and your future nest egg and some financial mishap could happen over the next 6 weeks. I suggest that you restructure your plans if they have gotten off track from the original plan that you had where they affect your relationships and financial situation.



If you are a 5 Life Path

You are the energy booster of all Life Path-ers in Numerologyland. You are dynamic, adventurous, fearless and have magnetic attraction written all over you – it’s in your DNA. You love your freedom and tend to explore everything life has to offer. There are no boundaries for you Fives – you are the sexy, ever ardent lover who takes their time before getting involved in relationships. You like to taste the nectar of many flowerbuds before you settle down and are naturally skittish about getting too involved or trapped. However, during a Venus retrograde you are going to be forced to examine what may be causing you to be more unstable, chaotic, irresponsible and less tethered to your love or any romantic relationship you may be in or are thinking about. A Venus retrograde may cause you to feel the desire to run away and get away from it all. I suggest that you accept your freewheeling lifestyle, but focus on being more stable and less flighty. Don’t take risks in seeking greener pastures or give in to temptations like risky sexual encounters or roaming too free or far that will only hurt the ones you love.


If you are a 6 Life Path

The number 6 is associated with the Planet Venus, so you are naturally inspired by love, harmony, beauty and sex.  You are charming, lovable, fair, sincere and hopelessly romantic. These things are going to be intensified for you during a Venus retrograde but the bad day issues can be more problematic now causing you to be emotionally unstable, anxious, manipulative and melodramatic. Your inspiration for love and harmony will be drastically affected causing you to run for cover and hit the brakes in your romantic relationships. You will feel self-doubt creep in and those little imbalances in your love relationships will make you feel vulnerable and powerless. Venus retrograde is going to force you to look at your self-image and how you approach relationships. I suggest you learn to trust your heart more and take steps to alleviate your anxiety about the honesty and integrity of others which is at the bane of this Venus retrograde.


If you are in a 7 Life Path

The vibration of 7 is associated with Neptune, the planet of fantasy and illusion. As a 7 Life Path, you are naturally skeptic and analyze things to death. On the positive side, you are open to your imagination and dreams, but on the negative side, these are not things that have merit for that Seven who is totally inside their head. Love and relationships are no exception. Your tendency to examine or put things under a microscope will work against you over the next 6 weeks. The biggest challenge you have going into a Venus retrograde is learning to be more open and receptive. You need to open yourself up to others and not close off. This obviously will create an uncomfortableness within you, but the message is to learn to get closer to those you love and not create such distance. You may be feeling guilty because you have detached yourself from your love, so what I recommend during this retrograde is to come out of your lair and connect with your loved ones in ways that are meaningful and intimate.


If you are in a 8 Life Path

You are used to being the one who has a lot of power and yields a lot of weight in a relationship. You like and need control, but during a Venus retrograde things will require extra effort on your part because you need goals and purpose to feel happy and stimulated. A relationship requires a lot of TLC, but by pulling the “power card” can actually be detrimental for you right now. You simply can’t plough your way through a relationship crisis and expect a positive result. I suggest you engage in positive communication and let the stimulation of goals and expectations relative to your relationship fall away in favor of softening your approach. Look at your love with new eyes and an appreciation for who and what they are. You are not brokering not a business deal, you should be fostering a strong and mutual relationship.


If you are a 9 Life Path

You are a helpful and compassionate person and you would give your right arm to help someone out. But in order to have a successful pairing in the romance department, you must not give too much of yourself away. The challenge that this creates during a Venus retrograde is that your approach is to be selfless and to please so much that what you really desire is put on the back burner. This will only create tension and bad feelings and you will eventually feel that your significant other is stepping all over you too much leading to self-pity, self-loathing and discontent. I recommend  that this is your opportunity to not settle for someone who will walk all over you, but to see your own self-worth and that you are worth being appreciated. You are a Gem that needs to see their own sparkle.



Finding your Life Path Number is as simple as adding all the numbers of your full date of birth across in a row to arrive at a single digit number from 1 through 9. Using Tom Hanks as an example as a Life Path 1 who was born on 7-9-1956

  • 7 + 9 + 1 + 9 + 5 + 6 = 37
  • 3+ 7 = 10
  • 1 + 0 = 1
  • Your Life Path is 1


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