Aretha Franklin & John McCain

Death is a part of life. It gives us perspective about life and why we are here as we check in on our own mortality –  it’s a sort of reality check. Funerals remind us of those who are no longer here walking with us on this earth plane and the preciousness of life. Loss is a reminder to make the most of our time on earth while we are here and to appreciate our loved ones while we can.

The last time I wrote about two celebrities who died within weeks of each other was when Robin Williams and Joan Rivers died unexpectedly in 2014 – Robin by suicide and Joan Rivers from complications from throat surgery.

Then in August this year we experienced the death of two icons within a week of each other – Aretha Franklin on August 16th and John McCain on August 25th. Their deaths were expected because they both died of terminal illnesses so we were prepared – even if it was shocking when it happened – we had some warning unlike Robin and Joan. Aretha and John were both so vastly different from each other – one a politician and American hero and the other a musician and hailed as the Queen of soul. Their deaths touched us from deep within but from two very different places in our minds and hearts.

Aretha’s death touched us deeply and spiritually. The Bishop that led her funeral hoped that those who attended or watched her funeral would experience a “spiritual awakening” because of how many people she touched in her lifetime. I believe that her voice and her music was a purely angelic experience and came directly from the Source. She was born into her gifts. The reaction of her death was one that came from our right brain experience – the one that expresses emotions, and is associated with intuition, spirituality and our creative and artistic side. We related to Aretha’s passing on that level and the side of the brain that we emoted to upon hearing of her death. 

Aretha was an 8 Life Path with a 3 Destiny. She was born innately powerful and could do anything she wanted because she had such capability and potential born with a strong Life Path.  Her Destiny characterized her reason in life and what she was born to do. She stepped into her role as she promised to do and her music and her sound would reverberate for decades. She was a force to be reckoned with and her presence was unmistakable. She was a symbol of strength who had an extraordinary presence in soul, R&B, gospel and pop music. It’s interesting to point out that she died in a personal year of 3 which aligned so perfectly with her destiny number – it’s like the year the music died.

John McCain’s death touched us politically and as an American who was a war hero, a Senator and a Presidential contender. He was someone who gave his life to the service of our country. He was a true hero in all respects of the word and represented American greatness. John McCain touched the left side of our brain that controls the analytical, logical and objective type of thinking because he represented what it meant to be an American who almost had to sacrifice his life to defend our country. His daughter Meghan said it succinctly at his funeral The America of John McCain has no need to be made great again, because America was always great.” What a touching and moving tribute to such a beautiful and beloved man from a loving and devoted daughter.

John McCain was a 2 Life Path with a 4 Destiny. His Life path gifted him as a diplomatic who was concerned about the peace and welfare of our country. He was the go to person for peaceful negotiations in Washington circles. and his peers came to him to settle disputes. His Destiny was as a tireless servant of the Government, for the peoples and to his country. He was in a 2 personal month at his death which aligned and coincided with his 2 Life Path representing a man who was a true Diplomat and one who was in service to his country for his entire life.


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