Can Numerology Help Me?

I am into all things holistic and I am especially into helping people with metaphysical techniques that will help them transcend to another level of understanding.

I am a believer that when you embrace a holistic approach, you add a greater dimension to the path of healing and enlightenment.

Numerology is one such complimentary and self-help technique or tool that can help you in ways that you never thought about or understood.

Numerology can be compared to modern or conventional medicine, which only treats the symptoms that are currently going on, versus alternative holistic medicine, which treats the whole person and takes into account lifestyle (eating habits and exercise for example).

Numerology, as a self-help tool, is a way to gain greater insight into you → a spiritual being. It is designed to help you fully understand your true nature or whole self.

Numerology can help you expand upon your spiritual awareness, determine your personality strengths, weaknesses, talents, obstacles, inner needs, emotional reactions and how you deal with others, such as how you relate to your husband, wife, children or colleagues. Clients often ask me about their health and emotional well-being as well as their spiritual path.

Numerology reveals aspects of your character and personality and can really provide you with a new vantage point from which to look at yourself → one that helps you to see yourself from another perspective and greater objectivity. It’s like looking at the real you from the outside, rather than looking at yourself from within. Others see and view you from a different perspective (the outer) than we see ourselves (the inner). Numerology helps to bridge the gap between the inner you and the outer you. This is why understanding your heart and personality numbers is important. When you can see both your foibles and your divinities → than you get yourself and have a new self-perspective of understanding.

Self-knowledge is the key to success and our heart desires to understand ourselves → within and without. Having a greater insight into your strengths and weaknesses will help you in every aspect of your life — personal, professional. The most common primary feelings or concerns that people consult me about are: romantic, love, sex, children, family, pets, colleagues, business, financial and career.

Numerology is simply the vibration and energy of numbers that are in your numerology chart from your name and date of birth. These are vibrations that are around you and surround you everyday of your life. Pay attention to your personal numbers, because they make up your Life Path and Destiny and are an integral part of who and what you are.

This is a repost from my archives: July 7, 2013

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Kathleen Lamoureux is a Spiritual Intuitive and Numerologist who works with you when you find yourself in transitions related to business, career, relationships or personal issues such as death, grief  or divorce. Kathleen can help you understand and clarify your true life path. Get a reading with Kathleen by clicking on any book a reading link above.

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