4:44 and Jay-Z

Jay-Z released a new album on June 29th aptly titled 4:44. For those who follow numbers it has created quite a buzz! Numerologists are especially excited about this because anything to do with a repeating pattern of numbers or triple digit number has specific and special significance. 4:44 is timely because it sends a message of hope and people are looking for that these days.

Jay-Z certainly is not the only artist to ever come up with a title that simply has a number in it, but 444 has special significance, first as a numerological code and secondly for those who follow the phenomena of angel numbers. Jay-Z is one of the worlds best rappers and he knew he would strike a chord with this title, because as a musician, he is in tune with people. His numerology profile shows me that he is someone who really tunes into the mysteries of life and analyzes things with the ability to come up with inspirational ideas that means something of significance to those he is trying to get the message across through his music. This was no accident and shows us a message through the power of numbers.

The number 4 on its own represents foundational elements of strength and stability. We trust things with the number 4 and it is often associated with safety, security and law and order. Number 4 is a sacred number and many references are taken from the cycles of the natural world – the four seasons or the four winds for example. Number 4 represents earth life. When this number pattern repeats such as 444, it strengthens and boosts the power of the single digit number 4 because 444 carries more weight and power. We sit up and pay attention to it when it shows up on license plates, on signs, on the microwave, on the clock and on our cell phones. I see triple digit photos quite frequently on social media sites such as Instagram, Twitter and Facebook.

There is another phenomena that follow repeating number patterns and that is the world of Angels or Angel Speak. People like Doreen Virtue and Joanne Walmsley of Angel Numbers Sacred Scribes are very popular on the internet and thousands of people go to those sites for information on Angel numbers and Angel Number pattern sequences.  444 is huge! This number sequence is thought to be the presence of our Angels around us sending us a very clear and direct messages. You are reminded to stay on your life path, to not give up and to strengthen you in times of crisis.

I think the success of 4:44 will be phenomenal because Jay-Z has hit a nerve and will be a financial and personal success. Jay-Z is in an 8 Personal Year cycle which just happens to coincide with July’s 17/8 Universal Month Cycle number and the timing couldn’t be better for him. Number 17 is a vibration of good fortune and rewards. Number 8 is the number of financial success and financial strategies. There is a very powerful and spiritual code with this album.

4  4  4



Kathleen Lamoureux is a Spiritual Intuitive and Numerologist who works with you when you find yourself in transitions related to business, career, relationships or personal issues such as death, grief  or divorce. Kathleen can help you understand and clarify your true life path. Get a reading with Kathleen by clicking on any book a reading link above.

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