The USA is in a Hanged Man Year

The Hangled Man
The United States was born on July 4th 1776


For the personal year calculation, you would add the month and day of birth to the current year number like this:

Month of birth = 7
Day of Birth    = 4
Current Year   +2017


2 + 2 + 8 = 12 (Hanged Man

If we look at the number 12 in the Tarot it corresponds to the Hanged Man. In numerology number 12 can represent the victim and is clearly a time to stop, look and listen. On the world stage there is the feeling that the United States is in a state of suspension, especially given our own political situation. In order to survive, our country needs to adopt new perspectives and ways of seeing things. The United States will come through and survive a challenging experience this year, and through this, a sense of peace and understanding will ensue that only people who’ve successfully faced trials and tribulations will know what that experience is like. The United States may flounder at times during the year, but through this is where we will get our strength as a nation to survive. It’s a case of being true to our values and when and what to sacrifice. The number 3 represents communication, expansion and the birth of something new. This birth – as all births are – can be painful. This is the experience that the United States is in all during 2017.

United States and POTUS

 It’s worthwhile to mention that the current POTUS’s personal numerology chart aligns with the chart of the United States and they both share the same universal / world experience each year. I find this quite interesting because during a 12 Hanged Man year, it represents – for both parties – things that need to be released → old patterns and surrendering fixed ideas. Sacrifices have to be made, but in the end it’s for the greater good of the whole. This year, our country (us) and the current POTUS will feel both confused with every effort seemingly thwarted at every turn. Situations can seem impossible and will require trust beyond question and without a doubt. The Hanged Man is a symbol of mystical isolation in a ritual of purification. That’s the good news. It’s the sacrifice of self-interests for the sole purpose of dedicating ourseslves to a cause which will bring an understanding of the deeper meaning behind the acts of the every person involved.

 The image of the Hanging Man is often likened to the story of the Norse God, Odin, who voluntarily hung upside down from the world tree for nine days and nights without sustenance, sacrificing himself to receive enlightenment; the ritual death and rebirth a shaman undertakes, and in return perceived the mystery of the runes. – Josephine Ellershaw

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