2017 Academy Awards: My Predictions


The 89th Annual Academy Awards are coming up on Sunday, February 26th and the Red Carpet will be rolled out for all to watch the personalities, the glam and the fashion that only the Hollywood Oscars can deliver. 

Now the first vibration I want to cover is Day Number 26 because 26 does represent good tidings or good news of some kind. It’s an expectant kind of vibration and fits nicely into the day’s energy. Here then, are my picks for Oscar night based slely on the numbers.

Best Film

La La Land. We have 3-9-3 name numbers and the release date 12/9/2016 was a 3 universal day, so triple 3’s completely activates self-expression, and creativity and is the manifestation of faith in self and humanity. A belief in oneself is the spark of inspiration that this film invokes. Number 3 is also the happy vibration and we are definitely leaning toward more “happy” this year and if you like musicals, you get to escape  the #TrumpFuror for two whole hours. It’s a classic case of inspiration and escapism that people aspire to right now. Number 9 has the potential to reach millions of people through the vibration of compassion and forgiveness. Nine is the number of Universal love and faith.

Best Actress

Emma Stone for La La Land. With a 3 personality and a 5 Destiny, no wonder. She has the creativity and the magnetism. She’s in a 9 personal year, which activates the number 9 in La La Land. 

Meryl Streep for Florence Foster Jenkins – not this year, but she has 3 already and a total of 20 oscar nominations, which officially makes her Goddess of Oscar.

Best Actor

Denzyl Washington for Fences. He’s a 5 Life Path in a 5 Personal Year. Double 5’s give him the edge because 5 vibrates to self-promotion and story telling, which Denzyl is so good at. The universal release date of the film (12/25/2016) adds up to the number 1 which is the number of a winner and is a natural match to his Life Path, so it’s full speed ahead for Denzyl. 

Best Supporting Actor

Mahershala Ali for Moonlight. He’s a 3 Life Path which activates his creativity and self-expression. He’s in a 1 Personal Year which is the number of a winner and so this is his year to win big. 

Best Supporting Actress

Viola Davis for Fences. Her Life path and Personal Year number are in alignment to each other giving her the green light for an Oscar win. I mean anyone who can portray tears and snot coming from their eyes and nose at the same time in a movie, definitely is in it to win.

Best Director

Damien Chazelle for La La Land because his 3 Personal Year number lines up with the film’s 3 Expression Number.

Best Documentary Feature

OJ: Made in America. The film title has a number 22 Expression number, which is a Master number (the big Kahuna in numerology) that builds big things up and represents power, redemption, expansion and evolution. The film covers important aspects of race relations and black people in a white society and the double standards that can and do exist. It also comes on the heels of The People v. O.J. Simpson, the FX Crime anthology series which were both released in 2016, and provided a renewed interest and endless fascination in the brutal murders of Nicole Brown Simpson and Ron Goldman 22 years after the double murders which intensifies this vibration.

I never expect to be 100% but nevertheless, these are my picks based on the numbers and vibrations of the films and actors.

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