February 17 ’17 ~ A fortunate vibration

Number 17.2

Numbers really do matter and make a difference in the vibration of the planet. Today we have double 17’s vibrating in the date because it’s the 17th day of year ’17

What does this mean? Well I consider number 17 a lucky number because it is a fortunate vibration and you could receive all types of assistance today. Rewards are yours and hope comes from within, and if you are positively expectant, positive things will happen. Spend time in meditation today, and the ideas that have been running around inside your head will begin to emerge into tangible results. Secrets will be revealed to you. Stay positive and don’t allow any doubts to creep in.

tarot-the-starTarot Symbolism for number 17 is associated with the Star in the Tarot and everything here speaks of peace, calm and hope. Revelations come to you through meditation. The great star has eight points representing the rotation of life. The seven lesser stars refer to the seven bodily centers which are really whorls of motion and vibration. The message of the Star is replenishment and faith. The cycles of nature are true and natural and after a hard time, better times will follow. Believe that your heart will be refreshed and your faith will be renewed.

Bay Area Numerologist Kathleen Lamoureuxkathleen-the-numerologist
Let me help you decipher your secret code and help you to Discover YourSelf through the power of your very own numbers. Find out why things are working out and why they may not be or when the money may be rolling in. To schedule an appointment with me, click on Book A Reading link in the menu bar. I am also available in person every Friday at Open Secret Bookstore in San Rafael from noon to 5 p.m. You can send an email to me at: kathleenlamoureux@gmail.com to schedule your reading with me in person or by phone or skype.


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