What Am I Supposed to Do With My Life?



What am I supposed to do with my life?

The question that I am most frequently asked by intelligent and thinking people seeking to find themselves is What am I supposed to do with my life? Other questions that I am also asked go something like this:

  • What do I need to know about my relationship with X?
  • Is X a good match for me?
  • What is going to happen this year in relationship to my work or career?
  • I feel lost and unsure of how to proceed with my life. What do I do or how can I get through this phase?
  • My Mother (or Father) just died. What was our connection in this lifetime?
  • I’m writing a book or screenplay. Is XXX a good title for my project?
  • Am I living at the right address?
  • I want to move to XXX. Is that a good location for me?
  • I’m having relationship problem with X. Why and how can I make it work?
  • I’m having surgery. What is a good time for me to do this?
  • I want to move. What is a good month for me to do this?

Looking at your chart

All of these questions can be answered by me quite simply through your Numerology chart. First I take a look at your name numbers and then your Birth Day and Life Path Numbers. These 5 core numbers tell me a lot about you and the path you are traveling in this lifetime. I also include other numbers from your chart that give me clues to how you respond to certain situations, challenges you have in life that you need to work on, undeveloped areas that need to be addressed and what it is you most want to do with your life as you get older.

Destiny versus Life Path

Numbers are energetic frequencies and vibrations that resonate within your soul and influence who and what you are. When you were born, the numbers from your birth name create your Destiny number and your date of birth creates your Life Path Number.

Both of these numbers contain the vibrations that become Your Life’s Mission – what you came here to manifest, and the purpose of your life and your lessons – is the cosmic gift you were given in order to accomplish your Destiny.

What’s going on now?

I also take a look at your forecast numbers which tell me what’s going on for you over the next year. First I take a look at your personal year number (PYN) – the main theme of your yearly experience. Your PYN is important because the year number you are resonating to is a symbol for the energies, the vibrations and the frequencies that will unfold and personally affect you throughout the year. Your year number vibration shows you how to direct your affairs and how to get the best out of the experience scheduled to be lived through during the next twelve months. This number vibrates to its own frequency with it’s own set of characteristics and personality traits, stimulating certain experiences, and places an emphasis on what you need to be aware of and understand during the year.

Then I breakdown your chart for the next 6 – 12 months to get the monthly theme you will be experiencing. When is it a good time to manifest a relationship or make any financial moves or when are the good money months for example. And then I look at how your monthly vibrations align with your chart and matches up to your PYN. Are things in the flow for you during a certain month, or will things be challenging? Each month cycle is less impactful than your PYN is, but the energy of each month is part of your overall experience nonetheless.

kathleenjune2016Bay Area Numerologist Kathleen Lamoureux
Let me help you decipher your secret code and help you to Discover YourSelf through the power of your very own numbers. Find out why things are working out and why they may not be or when the money may be rolling in. To schedule an appointment with me, click on Book A Reading link in the menu bar. I am also available in person every Friday at Open Secret Bookstore in San Rafael from noon to 5 p.m. You can send an email to me at: kathleenlamoureux@gmail.com to schedule your reading with me in person or by phone or skype.

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