Numerology Profiles, Florence Henderson and Fidel Castro

florence-hendersonFlorence Henderson, America’s famous television Mom and Brady Bunch Icon died on Thanksgiving day at the age of 82. Born on February 14, 1934 making her a Birth Day 5, Life Path 6 and 1 and Destiny. 5 is guided by Mercury the planet of communication reinforcing her intellect, energy and versatility. Her Mercury strongly influenced her humor, the media and the gift of entertainment. 6 is ruled by Venus bolstering her creativity, attractiveness and the magnetic attraction of people, love and money. She had that kind of thing where people just fell in love with her because 6 is a number that is guided by domesticity, family, relationships and love of home and people. The Brady Bunch personified this. 1 falls under the rule of the Sun, a very powerful celestial body bestowing enormous will and independence. Having a strong 1 Sun and 6 Venus was a successful combination for her, ensuring her independence and her special gift to connect with people in the realm of emotions, caring for others as well as supporting her creative endeavors – television, acting, singing. This is why the Brady Bunch was so popular and has endured all these years through syndication, spin-offs and movies, which was completely activated due to her 14/5 Birth Day number – THE media number. May you RIP dear Florence. We shall miss you. Say hello to Starman and Severus Snape.


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Fidel Castro, one of the worlds’s most famous political revolutionaries and Cuban leader died on Friday November 25th. Born on August 13, 1926 making him a  Birth Day 4, Life Path 3, Destiny and Soul 1. A Birthday of 4 indicates someone that is tasked with heavy responsibilities and can cause that person to become a revolutionary. – which he actually did. His 1 soul and 1 Destiny is ruled by the Sun, the ruler of all planets making him a very independent character, strongly individualized and courageous. He was extremely ambitious and someone who wanted to get on in the world on his own merits, strength and determination. These characteristics contributed to both Fidel’s triumphs and failures. 3 is guided by communication, self-expression, emotions and ruled by the planet of luck and fortune Jupiter which can be the reason he escaped so many assassination attempts – allegedly 638. There is even a documentary called “638 Ways to Kill Castro.” In his own numerology chart, Castro died in a 3 personal year on a 3 personal day. Why is this significant? Because triple 3’s activated his his own life’s mission and his Life Path 3, which was to cultivate his ability to express himself, which he did on a global level. He had the inborn ability to inspire and motivate others for his causes. How will Fidel Castro be judged or remembered? Most will certainly see him in the history books as someone who caught and retained a special place in our collective imagination. His political views, stances and causes were bigger than life.  Fidel Castro will be remembered as one of the twentieth century’s biggest political icons. His death has caused many to ponder and think what his place in history will ultimately be. But whatever it is, may he RIP.  As he so famously said: “Condemn me it does not matter. History will absolve me.”

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Numbers rule the universe. – Pythagoras

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