Leonard Norman Cohen held in his name numbers what Nikola Tesla coined as the “keys to the universe” with his 3-6-9 name numbers.

Numbers 369 represent all the numbers combined

(1+2+3+4+5+6+7+8 = 3+6 = 9)

Beginning with number one this is how I would describe Leonard Cohen through the power of all 9 numbers:

  1. Cohen was the individual,
  2. the poet,
  3. the communicator,
  4. the protagonist,
  5. the mover and shaker,
  6. the lover,
  7. the spiritualist,
  8. the achiever,
  9. and one with an inner-wisdom beyond his years on this earth plane.

Leonard had all these qualities and was one of the most influential songwriters and most prolific visionaries in this lifetime with an unforgettable voice to come along in a very long time. He put words to our feelings and emotions and moved people to the depths of their core.

As a numerologist, I am not one to let any name or number go unread and so here it is. The name of Cohen’s most popular song Hallelujah vibrates to a 9 Expression/Destiny number aligning with Cohen’s own 9 Destiny number. This means that this song had the power to reach millions of people and is the one song that is used in movies and television shows involving death or heartbreak.  And when Cohen took a long break from his recording career in 1995 and entered a Zen Center, Mount Baldy outside of Los Angeles and became an ordained Buddhist Monk (a 9 personal year for him) and took the Dharma name Jikan (“Silence”) it also had an expression/destiny number of 9 – again matching his own 9 Destiny. This is absolutely amazing and very synchronistic. It just goes to show you that the numbers in your name tell the story of your life and every number in the journey of your life means something and is preordained.

Leonard Norman Cohen – 9/21/1934 – 11/7/2016

RIP Leonard, you will be so very missed on the earth plane, yet we know you are flying with the angels now. And say hello to Starman and Seravus Snape for all of us…

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