The Day After The Day After The Election

goodgrief-charlie-brownIt’s the day after the day after the US election and while the pessimism and depression is fading, it’s still palpable and many are still feeling on edge and wondering what’s going to happen not just in the world, but in their world. The truth is, we are seeing the very extension of how we truly feel and what the majority of America wanted and the sordid truth came out in an election with a very unpopular new President now at the edge of the doorway – he’s not in yet. But the other truth is – he won’t last. If Trump makes it to the inauguration, he won’t be able to live up to all he promised during his election campaign, because Congress will have to sign off on whatever he wants to pass. He doesn’t just get to walk into the Oval office on January 1st and undo 50 years of social progress. That’s not going to happen. So don’t panic. Your job is to be proactive and do your part in the mid-terms that are coming up in two years. Vote on the issues. Don’t be an innocent bystander who does nothing and then bitches at the outcome.

The other thing is, is that we ignored all the signs that someone like a Trump could win. All the election polls got it wrong, all the analysts got it wrong, all the pundits got it wrong, all the journalists got it wrong, all the papers got it wrong, all the actors and comedians got it wrong and even all the astrologers got it wrong. Why? Because for those of us who believe in Democracy, it just could not be someone who is a serial liar, a rampant Xenophobe, a racist and a Misogynist who got elected. We did not want to wrap our brains around that thought, so we ignored the warning signs because we didn’t want to believe that it could happen. The only person I know that got it right was Michael Moore. Click here for more information on why he got it right and what he said. Remember these words “Love Trumps Hate” any day!

I wanted to write about Clinton and Trump’s numerology and who would win or lose, but I declined because the 2016 election year was so unusual and all the horns, bells and whistles were going off at light speed. All you had to do to catch up, was see into the future or get your crystal ball out. In retrospect, you can hear all the horns, bells and whistles now I bet. Right?

Anyway, it’s the day after the day after the election and I did want to mention that I had an intuitive suspicion a couple of days before the election – especially post-James Comey’s ridiculous political stunt 11 days before the election which is an interesting number I must say, because Number 11 does represent the “Messenger’ or the “Teacher” and so I looked again at both Hillary’s and Donald’s chart and compared them to the chart of the United States. When I saw it again clearly, I realized the true outcome. Here’s is what I saw in both charts that made me realize what the deafening and numbing reality on November 8th would be in one simple aspect in their numerology charts – their Forecast Chart.

The Personal Forecast of Trump vs The United States

Trump in 2016 is in a 2 Personal Year
United States of America in 2016 is in a 2 Personal Year

Trump on November 8, 2016 was in a 3 Personal Day
United States of America on November 8, 2016 was in a 3 Personal Day

As I explained to many of my clients yesterday (who were reeling from the fallout) was that what we are seeing is that Trump’s chart is mirroring that of the United States, and this is going to continue for a long time because they are both on the same course in history.  As a mirror accurately reflects the stage of life, so too does the numerology charts of the United States of America and Donald Trump. Here’s the breakdown for 2016 and on election day:

  1. This means that during a 2 personal year, affairs in the United States and in Trump’s chart are directed towards being patient, cooperative and helping others. The experience of a 2 personal year requires patience, a cool head and a good demeanor before rushing ahead and putting your foot in your mouth. Those who are in a 2 Personal Year are required to be diplomatic and non-confrontational. It’s a year to sit back and be receptive to the ideas of others and word towards being cooperative. Negativity can bring about arguments and being too pushy. We saw this aggression in Trump during his election campaign and reflected back to us through violence at his rallies in the United States. He created a lot of strife and discord and again it was reflected back through the same 2 Personal Year vibration that the United States is going through. Number 2 also represents slow growth and issues with being too sensitive. What this tells me is that Trump is very immature and has a very thin skin, which we have seen in almost all of his speeches, not to mention his Twitter account. Let’s hope that he can contain himself when he is inaugurated. The United States is in a 2 Personal Year that is not quite mature yet as well, as it is only in the second year of a 9-year epicycle, so it has a way to go before it matures. This again mirrors Trump, so we are in for a long and painful ride to a coming of age for both.
  2. A 3 personal day for both Trump and the United States represents a day of communication and it was communicated very clearly what is in store for the next four years. Number 3 is supposed to represent inspiration and the gift of vision. Will he and can he (Trump) live up to these qualities?

Is Trump’s Attitude in check with the United States?

Trump’s Attitude Number is a 2
United States of America’s Attitude Number is 2
(The Attitude Number is derived by adding the month of birth to the day of birth. In Trump’s case he was born on 6/14 so (6 + 5 = 11/2) and the US was born on 7/4 so (7  + 4 = 11/2). 

Both attitudes are also in alignment with each other and should activate peaceful resolutions. The same characteristics apply as in the 2 Personal Year (patience, consideration, diplomacy, cooperation). However, I must mention that in the negative, these characteristics can show up as fear, discontentment, and create strife, discord and carelessness with the truth.  Again what is going on in the United States, simply mirrors that of Donald J. Trump.

The Zones

As most of you know, I do break down the numbers according to zones. Green zones are when numbers are naturally matched. Blue zones are when numbers are comfortable to each other and Red Zones are when the numbers are a challenge to each other. On election day, the Red Zone was in effect. Why?

Red Zone Days for US and Trump

A 3 Personal Day for both Trump and the United States on Election Day created a 3-8 Red Zone Day. Number 8 is a direct challenge to the number 3 because these two numbers require more effort to get along. The number 8 is one of power, getting down to business, brass tacks, executive ability and success. It likes to get things done. Number 3 is more about having a good time and being imaginative. It’s hard to get it to sit still long enough to get anything done. There is not much frivolity in the 8 and the 3 is more scattered and likes to fool around (sound familiar)? The 3-8 creates a business versus emotional vibration and can be very difficult to get through. That being said, the negative, challenging long-term affects of this 3-8 vibration will most likely continue for a while, considering the negative divide of half of the nation.

kathleenjune2016Kathleen Lamoureux is a Master Numerologist and puts out a very popular newsletter “This Week in Numerology” every Monday morning. She is also the creator of the “Numerology Affirmation Cards.” Stay tuned for more insights from Kathleen on the vibrations of the remainder of 2016 and what’s in store for 2017.



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