The Republican Convention Began on A day of False Beliefs

Karmic Debt 167Tower Card Gilded TarotIt’s no surprise that the Trump campaign had a huge faux pas on Monday night July 18th at the RNC when Melania Trump either borrowed, cribbed or down right plagiarized passages from Michelle Obama’s 2008 DNC speech because of these two factors:

  1. It was a 16/7 universal day
  2. The Day was 18/9




The number 16/7 is a karmic debt vibration that is also associated with the Tower card in the Tarot which visually shows a sturdy tower being struck by lightning, flames surging from this structure and a man falling down naked ready to strike the ground. According to Josephine Ellershaw, author of the book Easy Tarot,  “The Tower represents “man-made” beliefs and philosophies, frequently false, and the lightning from heaven the moment of illumination, to see things as they really are.” Whenever the 16/7 vibration appears in someone’s chart, it does represent karmic debt from previous lifetimes that needs to be paid back representing the suffering of others, self-centeredness, irresponsibility and destructive tendencies. This is why the naked man is falling out of this beautiful tower. This card represents that spiritual enlightenment (hopefully) is the result of destruction.


When a karmic debt number such as 16/7 shows up in a day or date vibration, it can represent the same destructive tendencies of the meaning of the number by those who are represented in a current event or situation. In this case it was Melania Trump (but who most likely was an innocent victim in this event) because of who she is married to. She was stepping up to the plate because she was required to. She definitely is not savvy to politics and is a gentle and soft-spoken woman by all accounts and someone who has shunned the limelight in Donald Trump’s run for the presidency. But the outcome of her speech and how it all came about – who helped her and who didn’t advise her properly as she penned her words – just goes to show you how the false beliefs of the Trump party has played into the destructive forces of a 16/7 karmic day event.  Their plans fell to the ground. In their case, it was Melania Trump who fell and fell hard. For this, the Trump organization is paying a heavy price (karmic retribution and payback) because it has had huge ramifications on the Trump party and public opinion largely confers the plagiarism even through all the denials. This event on a 16/7 universal day only reinforces the meaning of a 167 karmic debt vibration. It will come back to bite you properly in the behind and take a big chunk out of it as you fall down because you have turned a blind eye to the truth and follow a destructive path.

Donald Trump has 3 of 4 Karmic Debts in His Chart

With 7-7-5 as his Name Numbers, two karmic debts appear in his name and 1 karmic debt appears in his date of birth 6/14/1946:

  • He has a 13/4 Life Path
  • He has a 16/7 Soul Number. (This vibration was intensified the night his wife gave her speech compounding the fall of grace of the Trump party even further down the tower.
  • He has a 14/5 Destiny

In numerology there are 4 karmic debt numbers – 13/4, 14/5, 16/7 and 19/1. Donald Trump has 3 out of 4 karmic debt numbers in his chart. This basically means that Donald Trump has reincarnated with very heavy karmic debt that needs to be paid back like credit card debt. It seems to me that he has more debt that has never been resolved and this will always plague him and undermine him until he begins to fully understand his purpose in life and make amends in this lifetime. I will cover Donald Trump’s chart more fully after the RNC and DNC conventions.

NUMBER 9 and 18/9

In a numerology forecast the number 9 represents an ending vibration and means that you must clean up or finish what you started before you begin something new or dream any new possibilities up. Donald Trump just happens to be in a 9 personal month which represents endings, completions and transitions. In his case, he is going to remain stuck and in the past until he transforms his thinking. beliefs and actions. These things will catch up with him, as they already are beginning to unravel – especially on Day 1 of the RNC in a 9 personal month. Number 9 does represent someone who is good, kind and one who is a humanitarian. Unfortunately he doesn’t live up to all of these standards and seems to live on the negative side of any vibration – especially a vibration like the number 9. However, since he is in a 9 personal month vibration, on the negative side he is not someone who is thinking things through, he is charitable only to himself, and his compassion is exclusive to his family and not the peoples of the United States. Something a President would need to be if he or she were to be elected. Instead Trump comes off as arrogant, discontent, fickle, cold and mentally unstable. He has the opportunity to stabilize and right his ship in August while he is in a 1 personal month vibration. But will he?

The number 18 is associated with caution, uncertainty and illusion. This was exactly the result of Donald Trump’s introduction of his wife to the world on Monday July 18th – which should have been a stellar moment for Melania. Instead, it turned out very negative. Trump, unfortunately is delusional about the fundamentals of right and wrong and the difference between Truth and lies.

kathleen Bio PhotoKathleen Lamoureux is a Master Numerologist who follows all universal vibrations. She is the author of the very popular newsletter This Week in Numerology and 31 Days of Cosmic Inspiration – Affirmations to transform your life.













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