Perfect Numbers Like Perfect Men Are Rare

Rene Descartes 2

I get asked all the time about the perfect number in a numerology chart. Sometimes people think that if their numbers change, their circumstances will change. I love this quote and use it frequently because I think it’s important to understand that the numbers you were assigned at birth through your birth name and date of birth is how you incarnated and what you came in to do with your life and the lessons you need to learn. Sure you can change your name to alter your vibration, but the ones you were assigned at birth are the basic foundation of what you are here to work with and work through. They represent who you fundamentally are and the path you are supposed to walk during this lifetime. All numbers have a positive effect and a negative effect – it’s what side of the vibration that you decide to walk on. We all have foibles as well as divinity. Embrace yourself for who and what you are. Love yourself for yourself.

Love and Namaste,


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