Peyton Manning and the Number 9

peyton manningPeyton Manning Retires

After an illustrious 18-year career in the NFL, Peyton Manning is retiring. As a numerologist, I always look for a link with the numbers in a person’s numerology chart and the universal numbers especially as it relates to someone who just won Super Bowl 50. Number 9 is the vibration that is the link in Peyton’s decision to retire. Here’s the breakdown:



  • From his numerology chart, Peyton Manning is in a 9 Personal Year.
  • He retires during a Universal Year of 9. If you break it down 2 + 0 +1 + 6 adds up to the number 9.
  • He retires after 18 years (1 + 8 adds up to the number 9).
  • His Jersey number with the Denver Broncos was 18 adding up to the number 9.
  • Peyton also has a number 9 Personality in his name numbers.
  • And last but not least, his retirement was announced by ESPN on Sunday, March 6th which was a 9 Personal Day for Peyton Manning.

Number 9

This is the number that represents completions, transition and endings. Peyton obviously felt and followed the vibration of the number 9 to help him make a very important life-changing decision to retire at this time in his life and career.



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