Alan Rickman

Alan Rickman2It’s difficult to process. The passing of Alan Rickman. It sent another shockwave into the stratosphere yesterday losing two iconic stars in just 4 short days. Our heads are spinning and our hearts are saddened, And many are wondering just what the heck is happening. As I foretold in my 2016 predictions, we were going to be faced with many disappointments and sadness on local and global levels during a nine (9) year. The experience of the vibration of the number 9 universal year encompasses the experience of endings, completion and transitions. This is exactly what we are experiencing right now at this moment in time. Especially as we feel the loss of two iconic personalities on the world stage in less than a week.  And death is simply part of the natural cycle of life. David Bowie and Alan Rickman’s stars are still shining brightly, but we will just see their stars from another dimension. Just look up in the sky and you will see them sending their sparkle and stardust down to us earth beings.

Alan Sidney Patrick Rickman – Born on February 21, 1946
Alan was a genuine human being and a genius actor who was loved by all. He had true star power and no wonder with 9-8-8 name numbers and 3-7 birth day numbers. Double 8’s in his chart intensified his earning power and provided him with inner strength and the ability to manifest control and achievement in both his personal and professional life. His secret soul number was 9 which helped him achieve that status because his desire was to reach millions of people and make an impact on a global level, which he was able to do through his movies. With a 3 birth day number he was born with the gift of gab and had a brilliant imagination. His 7 Life Path instilled in him wisdom and self-mastery. He was able to go inside of himself and draw upon his philosophies, theories, ideologies and understanding of others, because 7’s are born geniuses. Many of the great actors have a 7 Life Path or Destiny. Alan was able to tap into any character role and play it to a T. His movie roles were as diverse as he was because of this.

Alan Rickman was brilliant beyond brilliant. RIP dear Alan. You will be ever so missed by us earthly souls, but not far from our hearts and thoughts. Sending the best love and light I can muster up from earth school. Rumor has it that your light is bigger and brighter on the other side. Over and out…

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