Bowie: Star Man, The Man Who Fell To Earth, Blackstar

David-Bowie-–-Blackstar-illustration-and-animated-GIF-created-by-Helen-Green-600x945The death of iconic musical legend and genius David Bowie has sparked an outpouring of grief and millions of fans (including myself) are shocked and saddened about his sudden passing. Who knew he was dying really except his immediate family and a handful of friends, associates and God. Tributes poured into #DavidBowie with 4.3 million tweets on Twitter. Ironically enough, the last Twitter account he was following was God, a parody account @TheTweetofGod. While his battle with cancer was a closely guarded secret that he and his family kept under wraps for the past 18 months, there were a couple of clues I noted, coming through his wife Iman on her Twitter account after the fact. These were her last two last heartbreaking tweets about her beloved husband’s imminent death:   “Sometimes you will never know the true value of a moment until it becomes a memory.”  and  “The struggle is real, but so is God.”

 On January 12th the twitter Parody God tweeted this: “Honestly, hanging out with David Bowie is cooler than I thought it would be.” There were four articles written about David in just the New York Times alone and hundreds of New Yorker’s shared their David Bowie stories. He was so, so loved across the globe that it’s hard to put into words or even fathom that he is no longer a part of earth’s landscape, but now back to a higher dimension. My heart is still breaking 3 days later.

Born David Robert Jones on January 8, 1947
Here are his numbers from right to left (soul, personality, destiny, birth day and life path): 5 – 5 – 1 – 8 /3 Life Path

Name Numbers 5-5-1
Wow! Double 5’s in his name numbers is indicative of someone who really embraced change and knew how to make it work for him. It has always been said by critics and musicians alike that he was considered an innovator, most notably for his work in the 1970’s. He produced some of the most groundbreaking ideas  and thoughts of our time. Those with 5’s (especially double 5’s) in their chart love change and in fact, thrive on it. David’s life and lifestyle was intensified by the double vibration of the 5. It’s a very adaptable vibration and, if anything, Bowie was cleverly adept at being flexible and versatile at every stage of his life and his career. He didn’t let anything deter him. When he hit a wall, or came up against a challenge, he always knew how to navigate his way around it, through it and rise above it. Since change is a key aspect of the 5, he changed the nature of rock, as well as his approach to the rock and roll industry and music in general repeatedly many times over during his 5-decades long career. One of the negative aspects of the 5 is that there is usually some sort of addiction (drugs, sex, food, etc.) and anything in extreme associated here. Most people who are familiar with Bowie know that Cocaine and speed were his drugs of choice in the 70’s. While drugs did not affect his voice, it did affect his mental state and personal life for a time. Then what did he do? He managed to overcome his habit by changing his lifestyle completely by going to Berlin to kick his drug habit and was clean from around the early 70’s.

Life Mission and Destiny
Bowie was the King of invention and reinvention. His mission in life was as a 1 Destiny. What he came to do with his life was to lead and initiate and invent and then to continually reinvent himself. He was a born idea person and he was as original as they come. All hallmarks of the 1.

3 Life Path
Bowie’s impact on music was enormous. He was larger than life and will remain so forever. He possessed a great talent for for creativity and self-expression. Many musicians, comedians, writers and actors are born with a 3 Life Path. One of the things 3 Life Paths need to do is to express themselves, which he did with incredible intensity. When 3’s are on track with their life as Bowie was, they have the ability to manifest and to see the results of their work through strong communication skills. Bowie was able to overcome being scattered and frivolous with time-management – a negative quality that is inherent in 3’s. In addition to that, those with a 3 Life Path are very attractive on the inside and outside. They do exude a certain amount of joy and happiness, which was very attractive about him. People naturally gravitate towards the 3 because they are so happy and spontaneous. You just want to kiss and hug them. David Bowie was no exception.

“The cult of Bowie was also unique—its influence lasted longer and has been more creative than perhaps almost any other force within pop fandom.” 

8 Birth Day
The birthday number represents a talent you have. The number 8 epitomizes one who can assume power and control. It is the money and business number. Now in the early days of his career, Bowie ended up at the top of his field as a rock and roll musician, but at one point in time, he woke up to the fact that he had no money. He was dead broke and he and his career had been mismanaged by his “people.” He met with many obstacles during those trying times. When he finally took control and got a grip on his finances, he ended up with a better approach as to how his business was managed and a sense of where his money was going and how much was coming in. He ended up being a very astute businessman. Bowie was also a very powerful force in life by the very nature of his birth day number, giving him the self-confidence, ambition he needed to set his life goals at a very early age due to this natural born talent. He attracted people as wide and diverse as he was. He had true power and was very magnanimous.

Illness and death
David died of liver cancer which was diagnosed 18 months ago (reducing to the number 9  and endings) during a 9 Personal Year – the ending of an era. One of the numbers in his chart that could be indicative of a critical illness is the transit letter D in his chart coming in at the age of 62 all the way through 69 (age at death) which is a warning to keep an eye on one’s health.  I think his drug use in his early years and digestive issues could have played a role in his disease.  So for the past 7 years, this illness was manifesting in his body.

I immediately looked at David’s numerology chart on the day he died, and interestingly enough he passed away on an 11 Personal Day which is a very special master number that represents the gatekeeper to the Universe. Number 11 is a very spiritual vibration that connects us to the Divine in everything that ever was or will be.  David passed through the portal of the number 11 on January 10th, which Ironically was an 11 Universal day and the first 11 Master Day number of  2016. His death is a reminder that he was and is the embodiment of spirituality while he was a guest on this earth plane. You can see the words of spirituality and other-worldly dimensions in many of his songs, movies and musicals.

David died in a 9 Personal Year which is the vibration of 2016. This year is an ending cycle and but also the year of the Humanitarian and those who stir compassion in our hearts and who come to our spiritual rescue. In my numerology assessment of the World Year Number for 2016, I spoke about the humanitarian aspects this year and that they will be a big part of the landscape of 2016. David Bowie certainly is someone who can be considered a humanitarian and a social reformer. He was the ultimate good Samaritan.  This is the opening sentence of my 2016 predictions:

Something dramatic will happen collectively on the world stage with the energy of the number 9 energy in 2016 and many disappointments may influence the experience of a 9 year, but we will be awakened to the harmony of all beings as it spans the entirety of the world, from local business to foreign business. The affairs of the number 9 moves in wide circles, so get ready to expand your consciousness.

One of the first big dramatic disappointments and sorrows of 2016 was David Bowie’s death. The effect of his death still haunts many and I believe this is one of but many awakening experiences that must be faced this year.

Blackstar – review by Adrian Thrills from the Daily Mail

“David Bowie has carved his considerable reputation on a diet of constant change. But he might have sprung his biggest surprise yet by celebrating his 69th birthday today with a new album that expertly reiterates his status as the most enigmatic figure in British music.

“It’s a smart assessment of rock’s master of disguise and a highlight of an album that mixes elements of the traditional jam session with heady invention. Not for the first time, the Thin White Duke has set his own agenda – and he’s come up trumps.”

“I don’t know where I’m going from here, but I promise it won’t be boring.”
– David Bowie

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