Leaving 2015 For The Entry and Journey into 2016

life as a journeyWeek 52/7 – World Year 8

Focus on moving forward with confidence as you go within to contemplate your life.

Happy Holidays sparkly beings!

It’s the final week of 2015 and many of us are rushing around trying to get things done and wrapped up and finalized in preparation for the holiday season and Christmas in general. But it’s in those moments of quiet meditation or thoughts, in between all the rushing around, that we often begin to wonder what we did with ourselves as another year ends. This is especially poignant and relevant this week as we experience two major cycles that represent a central part of nature. The Winter Solstice arrives on Tuesday December 21st CST @ 10:48 p.m. or Wednesday December 22 UTC @ 4:48 p.m. depending on where you live. The Winter Solstice symbolizes a time of renewal, growth and rebirth. Then we have a Full Moon in Cancer on Christmas day. Full Moons represent a culmination of our efforts since the last New Moon and is symbolic with power, the peak of clarity and the attainment of one’s desires . The fact that it’s in Cancer personifies the sudden need to connect with family, hearth and home. Our heart is vulnerable, and certain things can be exposed or illuminated prompting us to get in touch with those things in our lives that we may have been neglecting or have been putting off. In addition to that the Moon is the ruler of Cancer and governs intuition and emotions, so there is such synchronicity in that. On top of all that, this ties in so amazingly with the energy of both of these cycles and the Universal week 52/7 vibration.

For some reason this time of the year can also dredge up the dreaded list of questions we begin to ask ourselves such as:

Gee, what did I accomplish?
Where did the time go and what did I do with my time?
Did I accomplish everything I intended?
Did I make the changes I asked for?

During Week 52 we have the influence of the vibrations of the 5-2-7 which is an overall message of change, separation and going within to contemplate what you may be questioning or have been seeking to accomplish this year. What we will be experiencing collectively with the 52/7 universal energy this week is change and release with the vibration of the 5, which in turn may separate us temporarily from what we know to be familiar, true and comfortable. Things may seem chaotic and there could be feelings of restlessness and discontent. The energy of balance, sensitivity and emotion is experienced with the vibration of the 2 and our emotional balance is challenged and intensified with the influence of the Full Moon on Friday. And finally we will consciously seek out and experience moments of solitude and the need to go within with the vibration of the 7. This is necessary in order to stimulate thoughts and ideas related directly to spirituality and our role within both the physical and spiritual worlds. As we go within, we need to ask ourselves the hard questions. When we are in a state of solitude and withdrawal, we can strike a balance between both worlds. It is here that we discover what appears to be real and what is real. It is in the space of emptiness that we can discover what has real value as we begin our entry and journey into 2016.

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