The Holidays are not always so ho-ho-ho

Happy Holiday Sparkly Being,

What is it about the holiday season that makes us think that we are going to automatically shift into the happy mode just because another Christmas season has arrived. Can we automatically hit the shift key on our computer and suddenly change from the “normal mode” into the “Christmas mode?” Realistically, the answer is no. But there is this pressure to be all jolly and happy during a 3 or 4 week period of time during the year?

Have you noticed that Christmas music begins to play the day before Thanksgiving now? I guess that’s supposed to put us in the mood of the holiday spirit. Or it’s a good ploy by the retailers to make us want to shop earlier and earlier. It’s seems like a good strategy for some, and I am someone who loves holiday music. It works for me and does keep my holiday spirits up and puts me in the “holiday mood.” But that trick doesn’t work for everyone and sometimes it can be just downright depressing.

frazzled christmas

The holidays are incredibly stressful because there are extra demands placed on us. There’s extra shopping to do and in many cases, it’s not just the time investment, it’s an investment of resources, which can be challenging for many. The extra’s also include extra shopping, extra cooking. And let’s not forget that we have to factor in the wrapping of the presents. Where do you fit that in during an already over-loaded schedule? I watch in disbelief as my son and daughter-in-law wrap their presents for their children and each other on Christmas Eve. What ever happened to sitting by the fireplace with a good egg nog or a glass of wine, or cooking a nice meal and enjoying it with friends and family? And let’s not forget the family reunions or get togethers which can dredge up family conflicts. Let’s face it, the holidays are not always that jolly.

To really enjoy the holiday season, it’s important to find inner peace and balance. Inner peace is being spiritually and mentally at peace with the understanding to stay strong during times of stress. Balance comes from a state of mind and how we feel inside. Therefore, it’s really important to take time out for yourself so that you are actually living in the moment and can create a state of peace and balance for yourself rather than in a space of stress and negativity.

Here are several simple practices to staying happy, healthy, centered and grounded over the holiday season:

Do Some True Breathing
True breathing is breathing from your diaphragm. Taking some deep breaths discharges negative energy recharges with positive energy! Endorphins are increased and this improves your well-being.

Relax a bit and get out of the fray for the moment
When there is too much frenzy and you feel schedule overload, t’s important to slow down and take a moment for yourself. Here are a few things that can help you rejuvenate your energy: Skip the coffee and drink a Cup of hot tea; Instead of a shower, take a hot bath; Instead of crying or stressing, meditate for 10-30 minutes or take a yoga class.

Laugh Loudly and Often
Laughter is really the best medicine and an antidote to pain, stress and conflict. So have a good hearty laugh or two every day! Watch a funny movie or read something that makes you laugh. Turn the news off.

Choose to Smile
It’s a scientific fact that smiling improves your mood! So practice smiling at everyone you see. Watch how people will react to you.

Serenity is the state of being calm, peaceful or tranquil.

Consciously choose to be peaceful, calm and tranquil this holiday season and watch what happens.

Merry Christmas With Love ♥


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