Halle Berry and Oliver Martinez Call it Quits

olivier_martinez_halle_berry_babyHalle Berry and Oliver Martinez are divorcing after only two years of marriage. I do not find this surprising given the numbers in their chart – specifically sharing FIVE 8’s between them, Halle with two and Oliver with three. No wonder there were fireworks and continual drama. Plus their Destiny numbers 8 versus 7 were a challenge to each other with emotional problems plaguing them. See their numbers below listing soul, personality, destiny and life path respectively.

Halle    6 – 11 – 8 / 8 Life Path
Olivier 8 –  8 –  7 / 8 Life Path

Those with 8’s in their chart on the positive side it works for personal power, authority, making/spending money, recognition and strength. However, on the negative side, it can create too much energy, over-reacting, tension, repressing others or demanding personal recognition. Unfortunately, the negative side of this vibration got the better of these two beautiful souls.  I did blog about their then marriage and their relationship by the numbers in my blogpost on October 10, 2013. Click on the link below and you will see why I said it could be a difficult relationship if they didn’t rein in their fire and the propensity to be too competitive with each other.  https://numerologycoach.wordpress.com/2013/10/10/halle-barrys-new-life/

Their Personal Forecast

Both Halle and Oliver are in a 3 personal year in a 5 personal month (a 3-5 vibration) so November will be full of change for them in terms of moving on as well as changes and movement in their home, i.e. Martinez moving out and the split itself. The experience of the 3 personal year, is one of emotional stress and perhaps they are both playing the victim a little bit. They both are now expanding their horizons in completely different directions, but they must be flexible with each other through this process, otherwise there can be chaos which the 5 vibration brings in spades. They both needs to be careful of scattering their energy right now and staying focused and balanced, especially as it pertains to their children. Their astrological influence also aligns with their 3 personal year and indicates a divorce. Their 3 personal year number is a challenge number to their 8 Life Path (life’s journey) number meaning that a 3-8 vibration creates an energy where things are not in the flow at this juncture, there is tension and daily life requires compromise. If compromise cannot be found, then there is dissolution.

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