The Numerology of “I Love You”

I love you

“I Love You.” Do you say these words enough? Do you say them too much? Do you say them at all? According to marriage expert, Alisa Bowman, a sincere verbal expression of love at key times of the day can really have a positive impact on your “love connection.”

Couples who say “I Love You” on a regular basis report feeling closer than those who don’t. For maximum impact, she recommends saying it three times a day:

  • In the morning before you go your separate ways
  • In the evening when you reunite
  • At night before you go to sleep (& never go to sleep mad at each other)

Those moments set a tone of sincerity that will cover your time apart, Saying, “I love you,” too much can lessen the impact. Not enough can weaken your bond.

Let’s examine the numbers of I Love You and see how it relates to love itself and what we think of when we hear these words.

The words “I Love You”

These 3 little words vibrate to the number 43, which is the “true friend” number. It represents affection and is tolerant of the whims, divinities and foibles of others — which is not only needed in a love relationship, but is required. It also represents perfection and as the true friend number can endure many tests. The power of this number extends to a type of energy which can be transferred to the energy fields of others — such as fulfillment. It’s the congratulatory number, and congratulations is exactly what people say to couples when they get married or celebrate some wonderful milestone in their relationship. It’s true perfection. The number 7 combines the unity of the number 1 and the perfection of the number 6. the number of harmony and dependability.

Three of cupsThe number 43 is related directly to the 3 of Cups in Tarot symbolism which represents a celebration and a happy occasion. The number 3 is the number of growth, optimism and expression. Love is easily within reach with this number and the phrase I love you has 3 words. The number 3 is the most playful of all numbers, inspirational and motivational like love itself is.


Love Vibrates to a 11 – 7 – 9

The word Love vibrates to the expression number 9 which brings completion, fulfillment and the universal nature of love. It’s generous, giving, self-sacrificing and concerned for others. It’s the great healer giving unconditionally. The heart and soul number of 11 reveals its sensitive nature, a connection with others and a need for harmony. The personality number  of Love is 7 which symbolizes the need for careful self-reflection and the unspoken wisdom of love.

I Love You has 8 letters.

The number 8 sideways is the symbol of infinity. Those 3 little words make a very bold and powerful statement. The 8 reveals the courage it takes to love someone and the long-term goals of being and staying in love.

P.S. I love you!

kathleen Bio PhotoNumerologist and Soul Coach Kathleen Lamoureux teaches us how a sincere verbal expression of love at key times can really have a positive impact on your “love connection.” Are you ready to have your relationship reading done and know what’s in store for you and the love in your life? Click on Book a Reading in the Menu Bar to book a relationship reading with the Numerology Coach.


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