RIP Dr. Wayne Dyer

wayne-dyerDr. Wayne Dyer crossed over on August 29, 2015 leaving behind a legacy of spiritual encouragement for all and is now onto his next soul journey. A motivational speaker and giant in the spiritual community, he was a pioneer in the self-help community helping thousands overcome the difficult lessons of life just as he was forced to do as a child growing up in an orphanage. But despite his difficult childhood, Dr. Dyer made his dreams come true, helping others overcome their personal limitations. He looked at life as gifts of experiences.


His Numbers: 6 – 4 -1 / 11 Life Path / 6 Attitude / 10/1 Birthday

Soul = 6
Personality = 4
Destiny = 1
Life Path 11
Attitude = 6
Birthday = 10/1

Goodness look at all those 1’s in his chart which means that he was born with an independent streak and had to forge his own path, especially as a boy being abandoned by his father, taken away from his mother to live in an Orphanage until age 10 – and BTW, 1 + 0 = 1. This was his great training ground – to learn to stand up for himself. And if he could do that, than by God he could do anything he damned well wanted to do. And he did. Number 1 was his Destiny and he was born to lead by example.

And then there’s his Master 11 Life Path he was gifted with. Intuition was the gift which came naturally to him and the one big thing he was born with.  I personally believe that his book I Can See Clearly Now was when he finally understood his intuitive powers. This was the lesson he came here to learn and to teach. Ironically enough the title of this book had name numbers 3-1-4 aligning with the 4 and 1 in Dr. Dyer’s own name numbers.

Double 6’s in his chart intensified his role as someone who always focused on family, friends and children. As a matter of fact he had 6 biological children. His soul was a 6 so so this desire that came from within was always very strong and he stayed true to this his whole life. People with 6 take responsibility to others very seriously and this played not only a role in his personal life, but this was the crux of his whole professional life. It’s not uncommon for people with 6’s in their charts to become Doctors.

I think it’s worth noting that Dr. Dyer died on the 29th of August in a 5 personal year. 29 adds up to the number 11 which I believe was a harmonic convergence.   Number 5 represents change and experiencing new perspectives. It is said that Dr. Dyer was looking forward to this new chapter in his life, and so he is… Farewell Dr. Wayne Dyer. You will be sorely missed and may you RIP.

Watch his move The Shift

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