The Destiny of Cecil the Lion “Freedom for all”

11811342_860141454065714_6309913732658661339_nIt’s hard to make sense of the senseless murder of one of the most beloved creatures that walked the planes of the earth in Zimbabwe Africa. Cecil the Lion was our Leo the Lion as the Sun is currently traveling in the sign of Leo. Unfortunately and tragically he was murdered in July at the hands of a disgusting and despicable person for self-gratification purposes only.

This timing in July is interesting to me because the current universal Zodiac sign is in the sign of Leo which goes from July 23 to August 22.  Cecil was killed on July 1st, but the news of his untimely death wasn’t splashed onto the headlines until July 28th, it is only fitting that we honor, cry for and mourn this magnificent Lion in the sign of Leo. A Leo represents grace, dignity and nobility. These were all the qualities of Cecil the Lion. But let’s take a look at the numerology of Cecil and the critical dates of his life and death.

Cecil’s name vibrates to a 5-9-5

Cecil had a Destiny of 5. His mission in life was to promote freedom and to keep his life moving forward. Unfortunately, not only has Cecil’s life come to an end, but his death will lead to the death of his companions in his coalition by other males who will take over and dominate. This is the nature of the animal kingdom which is very complicated.

Cecil had the double vibration of 5 in his soul number as well and a Personality of 9.  With double 5’s it means that he was meant to be free and enjoy public activities. This was his Destiny. This fits because he was a very popular attraction at the Hwange National Park in Zimbabwe, and he was collared because his movements were being tracked as part of a study. These are all aspects of the number 5 because it represents freedom, progression, resourcefulness, action and energy. Not only that, but his full name – Cecil – adds up to 23/5 which corresponds to the King of Wands in the Tarot. Basically, he WAS a King.

Cecil had a personality of 9. Someone with a 9 personality is one who is warm and generous with a magnetic personality. Cecil was loved by all.

Why Cecil’s Life and Death Matters

In the end, it’s not just the death of Cecil that matters, even though his death has most definitely had an impact and struck a chord with the world. However, it was Cecil’s life that mattered and what he came here to teach us I believe is through his Destiny of the 5

– the vibration of freedom –

Cecil was born to do great things. Through his Destiny, he came here to teach each person on the planet – through his death – that we must learn the lesson of freedom. Cecil paid the ultimate price, but he was born into the world to be one of the ones to help people learn to live more fully and happy – even if it wasn’t until he died and the way  he died. Part of his mission was that we need to know that lasting happiness cannot exist when the right to be free is not fully guaranteed. Cecil stood for these three words…

– Freedom For All –

Karmic Debt Dates

I wrote an article in July about the karmic debt dates in July and July 1st and July 28th were two of them. Cecil was killed on July 1st – the first karmic debt date in July, and the world found out about his death on July 28th – the last karmic debt date in July.

The only known birth date I have on Walter James Palmer is that he was born in 1960 which adds up to the 16/7 karmic debt year vibration.

July is the Month of 7

which forces us collectively to examine our spirituality, our faith and our beliefs. Number 7 isn’t just a lucky number! It’s one of the most spiritual vibrations on the planet. It has a certain kind of intelligence that enables us to focus, forces us to go deep within for the answers, provides inner knowledge, gives guidance and bestows upon us a certain kind of wisdom that may have been eluding us until we finally get the answers we need. But one needs to go deep within to get to a place inside the soul’s intelligence.

I believe this ties in with deep-seated feelings we have about the murder and death of Cecil. We are being asked to examine our spiritual beliefs to the core and in doing so, triggers so many emotions.

Venus the planet of Love and war went retrograde July 25

A Venus retrograde ties into the feelings of LOVE LOST over the tragic murder and death of Cecil because during a Venus retrograde, love is a a primary core value and how we value love in our lives. Cecil was just so beloved and his loss and the loss of his love (especially for his cubs who will pay the ultimate price of death as well) and the outpouring of grief for Cecil has consumed many. We found an intimate connection with Cecil the Lion and the absence of his presence on this earth is very profound and affects us deeply in matters of the heart and love because a Venus retrograde is a major and deep and karmic period in The Time of Love that is going backwards. This means that we must open our heart to love – for Love is the answer to everything.

We are born of love. Love is our Mother ~ Rumi


Karmic Year of 8 for James Walter Palmer

I have been writing about the karmic year of 8 since January. 2015 is a year of karmic retribution in all it’s many forms and guises. The basic premise being that “what goes around comes around” or “as ye sow, so shall ye reap” and James Walter Palmer is at the full effect of karma coming back to bite him squarely in the ass.

His name numbers are 9-3-3 and his 3 Destiny is in a complete square and challenge to the world number 8 vibration. If you look at the number 3 and then the number 8 – his three is cut in half, so his karmic 3 destiny will be cut down to size to match his karmic actions in a court of law. And  by the way, the word karma has an 8 Destiny so his karma and his destiny are catching up with him full throttle.

Someone born with a 3 Destiny (i.e., the dentist) came here to inspire others. That was what he was supposed to do with his life. Instead, this dentist lives on the negative side of his 3 Destiny and has proven time and time again that he is selfish, egotistical, self-centered and not only takes advantage of others, but kills animals. And for what? Sport and his self-aggrandizement. Period.

196213784db384bd551b39432fc479abCecil and Strength

In the Tarot, the number 8 card in the major arcana is depicted by the image of a Lion and a woman by his side. There is one word across the card says this


The Lion is considered the King of the jungle and the very symbol of male energy. In this image the woman is walking by his side with a chain loosely attached to his neck. Basically, this means that all humans and animals were meant to walk the earth freely and without restraint – side-by-side peacefully and to respect the strength of each other – not to KILL THE OTHER. The symbol of the Lion is a very powerful one that represents not just strength, but also power, dignity, honor, leadership, authority and dominion. Cecil ruled his own dominion for 13 short years. We must find the STRENGTH to stop the killings for sport of men who are nothing but antiquated fossils who must not have a penis that works if all they can do is kill animals for trophy sport.

RIP Cecil You are gone but you will never be forgotten

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