Brian Williams – A Chastened and Grateful Man

Brian Williams and Matt Lauer

Brian Williams has re-emerged into the public eye after a 6-month suspension from NBC. His “apology tour” began with his first interview with Matt Lauer of the Today show Friday the 19th since being suspended in February. Let’s take a look at Brian’s personal numerology and see what the numbers in his forecast chart indicate what’s going on for him.

Brian Williams 2015 Forecast Chart

Personal Year of 9 – Representing endings, completion, release, transformation

Personal Month of 6 – Representing responsibility to others

Personal Day of 7 – Represents contemplation and perseverance

4th Pinnacle aka Turning Point – The atmosphere & general conditions of the current road one is traveling. Brian is in a 11 Pinnacle cycle – Time for him to expand his spiritual horizons. The 11 turning point inspires to bring inspiration and illumination. One can suffer much confusion over direction and identity. He is also 56 years old and 5 + 6 = 11. I suggest he learn to tap into his inner wisdom.

Spiritual Transit – Indicates a very emotional time for Brian this year – especially over the last 4 months. He needs to work on centering and balancing himself  spiritually as well as accepting his current situation in his new role, which he obviously has had to do. Actually, he’s lucky NBC took him back, and for that he’s very grateful.

Essence Cycle Number indicates the lessons one deals with during the year and how one perceives their environment. Brian is in a 24/6 representing a time of responsibility, duty, family matters and ideals being tested.

Maturity Number is 12/3 – Interesting to note that the number 12 can oftentimes indicate life in suspension and a waiting period – his 6-month suspension. Reversals of a situation can happen which we are now seeing in his case with his new lesser position at MSNBC beginning in August. 3 is the number that represents communication among other things, and his Life Path Number is also a 3, so there is this parallel and intensification of the 3 in his personal forecast this year regarding how he has communicated during his tenure at NBC.

Life Cycle Number is divided into thirds – beginning, middle and end. Brian is in the last stages of his middle cycle representing the emergence of his individual and creative (3) talents and  Brian’s Life Cycle is vibrating to a 6. As with the other two 6’s that appear in his forecast (personal month and essence) the 6 vibration simply amplifies his responsibility, duty and commitment to do the right thing for his family, his career and the public whose trust he has to re-earn. If commitments are superficial, or are broken, a separation can occur – hence the 6-month suspension from NBC.

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