B.B. King “The Thrill Is Gone”

Legendary Blues guitarist B.B. King has passed on

B.B. King’s legendary name vibrated to a 9-9-9. With three 9’s in his name (soul, personality and expression) it is a difficult vibration to live up to or with because an intensity of 9’s is an indication of a man who had very strong desires from deep within to make a difference, a man who had big opportunities in life, was an amazing artist and attracted money not only for himself but for others. But the detrimental qualities of three 9’s amplify fickleness in love affairs (15 children from 15 different women), impulsiveness and demanding attention and approval. B.B.King was a musical genius who was born with the gift of oratorical abilities using music as his medium. As a very young boy he planted his musical seeds early because he sang in the gospel choir and after his parents died, he chose the blues to make a living after he realized his popularity when he sang the blues. Legend has it that he purchased his first guitar for $15 (6) at the age of 12 (3).  The number 6 aligns with his 6 Life path and who he was without any training – a musician, and the number 3 represents creativity and communicationNine’s (9) are the ones who are the philanthropists, the benefactors and do-gooder human beings. They are charitable and care deeply for people. During the course of his life, he made time to become a supporter of Little Kids Rock, a nonprofit organization that provides musical instruments and instruction to children in underprivileged public schools throughout the United States. However with an intensity of 9’s in his famous name, he was most likely misunderstood by his family because of his strong desire for wanderlust. He desired and needed to taste the fullness and richness of life. Therefore, someone like B.B. King could never sit still for one person – he had to touch the many with his talent. Unfortunately, the demands of his career (250 shows a year) put a strain on his personal life (two wives, 15 children and 50 grandchildren). He never really did slow down and was active musically until the latter part of 2014.

B.B. King passed away on May 14, 2015 putting him in a 6 personal year matching up to his 6 Life Path number on an 8 personal day matching up to the 8 soul number of his beloved guitar Lucille.

The Man is gone but B. B. King’s music will live on forever. RIP B.B. King. 


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