Princess Charlotte Elizabeth Diana

Numerology for a Princess







Charlotte Elizabeth Diana born 5/2/2015 is a  7-5-3-6-2

It seems that the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge have something in common with Chelsea Clinton (whose baby was born last September). They both have daughters with the same first name. Charlotte ranks number 7 on the popular girl baby names in 2015. By naming their baby Princess Charlotte it’s the feminine form of Charles and her full name – Charlotte Elizabeth Diana – is a tribute to their beloved family – Queen Elizabeth, the late Princess Diana and Prince Charles.

Destiny 3 – Life Path 6

Charlotte has a very creative Destiny and her mission in life will be to help people realize the magical and enchanting powers of what it means to be full of joy, be truly happy and satisfied with life. She will be a very inspirational woman and has the awesome ability to light up the world for others simply with her presence (as I am sure she is lighting up her parent’s life with her birth) She is destined to be very popular, not because of who she is, but because it is part of the instructions of her birth name. She was born into this lifetime to arouse the spirit and imagination of others. Charlotte’s source of power will be the ability to do things in a big way with a natural tendency to help, serve and teach others. People will automatically be attracted to her because she has magnetic attraction written all over her birth code. She will be very effervescent which is automatic with her 5 personality. Her 6 Life Path and 3 Destiny are very compatible and a natural fit to each other, so she will be easily be able to fulfill her destiny in life through her life path and she will always know where she came from and where she is going.  Her mirth and natural talent for jubilation and exhilaration will work for her magically through her responsibility to others. During the course of her life she will be able to bridge the gap with a natural gift to reconcile inspiration vs intolerance and unselfishness vs self-sacrifice. Charlotte was born gifted with the magic power of speech and the blessing of one who is a custodian to mankind. She is a beauty and wonder to behold.

Welcome to the world Charlotte Elizabeth Diana ❤





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