The Future of Brian Williams

Brian Douglas Williams born on May 5, 1959


Brian has triple 5’s in his chart (5 month, 5 day and 5 name number) with a 3 personality which indicates that he could be guilty of exaggerating the truth with a tendency to be impulsive and boastful. He obviously forgot about the ethics that Walter Cronkite  established – not to aggrandize. His faux pas of course was his lie about his involvement in an Iraq war mission in 2003 – which adds up to the number 5 by the way. His Destiny number is a 7 which provides him with value of one who is on the cutting edge of investigation and research – all aspects of a 7. However, his over-enthusiasm and someone with too much self-importance got the better of him. These are things he needs to work on.  Two of his challenge numbers (weaknesses) in his chart is the 1 which demonstrates that as this story continues to unfold, he had the tendency to puff up stories. This proclivity is even more of a challenge for Brian with two 1 challenge numbers. A very hard lesson for him indeed.

His Forecast Chart shows that he was in a 2 personal month in February which is indicative of someone who needs to work on cooperating with others and he will have to wait it out demonstrating a great deal of patience – difficult to do under the best of circumstance. His plight might be more intensified in August when his 6-month suspension is supposedly up because he will be in an 8 personal month. This vibration will be intensified for him because 2015 is an 8 world year, and issues of finances (he is on suspension without pay), his personal power and his karma (law of cause and effect) are on the line. Karma = what you sow you reap. In addition to that, Brian is in a 9 Personal year and this is always associated with endings and terminations. Tie that in with his last Turning Point Number in his chart – an 11 – and it indicates that Brian must work on his spiritual path and foundation. He must seek out and find inspiration and illumination from within – not inside the halls of NBC. The Turning Point Number represents some specific thing caused by Brian that must be assimilated into his being and worked out. This is a very specific road map that he is traveling on right now and it’s very instructive. No one escapes the experience of the Turning Point. I certainly hope Brian is working on his spiritual self and seeking wise counsel. I am personally rooting for him to find happiness wherever he lands. I like him and hope his career turns around quickly and swiftly from this devastating career blow. Brian goes into a 1 personal year in 2016 where he has the opportunity to turn everything around and begin a brand new 9-year cycle where there is a window of opportunity to lay the groundwork for the next 9 years in positive ways by utilizing the vibration of the next 9 years properly. Let’s see how he handles the opportunities and challenges that lie within that time-frame.

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