Edward Snowden aka Citizenfour


The film Citizenfour won the best documentary at the 87th Academy Awards presentations in Los Angeles on February 22, 2015 by filmmaker Laura Poitras. It is an authorized documentary about Edward Snowden. And we are endlessly captivated by his story and the man behind the story because he wanted us to have this information. He is a protector by nature and what he did mattered even though it was dangerous and he went out on a very thin limb on behalf of all citizens. But in the end, we now have information that we unwittingly were not aware of. Edward Snowden is still history in the making, but let’s see what the numbers in his chart have to say about why he did what he did…

Who is Citizenfour?

Edward Snowden is Citizenfour and he used this alias to identify himself when he made contact with film director Laura Poitras to tell his story to the world. As a numerologist, it’s fascinating to note that Edward used the number 4 as part of his alias. This is the number of the idealist, the pragmatist, the number representing systems and order and the number that goes to great length and explains all the details.

Number 4 holds the key to all arrangement and interpretation of form, plans, ideas and patterns from the universe and all those in the universe.

Translation:  the form and plans in question represent the NSA, the Government and even Edward Snowen. The idealist and pragmatist is Edward himself. Patterns represent the encrypted codes he used using the internet as the information superhighway to get his messages out to the public.

It’s also fascinating that Edward does not have one single 4 in his numerology chart, but there is a preponderance of 3’s, 6’s and 9’s throughout his chart representing a really great communicator, a man taking on the role of responsibility, a man of compassion and a protector. Thank you Ed!

Edward’s Numerology Stats:

  • He was born Edward Joseph Snowden on June 21, 1983
  • He’s a 3 Life Path. His life mission is COMMUNICATION. The term Whistleblower has been attached to his name and would fit this category even though it has derogatory implications. But in the end he has shown his bravery and has risked his freedom at a high personal cost. He can no longer live in the United States – at least for now. He is currently living in Russia for the next few years. Using location numerology, Russia resonates to a 6 and is a natural match to Edwards 6 Destiny number so this bodes well for him while he is there.
  • His Soul is 1 – Those with the soul of 1 take action and do not shirk their responsibilities. They want to help others . This has served him in his single-minded quest and desire for the public’s need to know about the abuse of power by the NSA and their capacity to intercept data on American citizens. The negative side of 1 can abuse power. The positive side of 1 demonstrate courage and initiative – this is what drives Edward Snowden.
  • His Personality is 5 – He doesn’t mind change or changing conditions. It suits him and he rises to the challenge of change. This is why he has been able to live for the past several years as a fugitive.
  • His Destiny is 6 (1 +5) He reincarnated to take on a position of responsibility in the world connected to personal freedom  and institutions –> i.e. the “Government”. He is a visionary that wants to and will improve the world as a better and safer place in which to live and communicate.
  • Edward is in a Personal Year of 8 mirroring the World Year of 8 where karma is King and will kick your ass if you are not careful with what you do and say. In Edward’s case, the fact that this film about him came out during his personal year of 8 – a year of gains and losses – amplifies the courage he has, the personal losses he has suffered as well as the celebrity and notoriety he has garnered.
  • This month he is in a personal month of 1 – his affairs are making a new start and he did an interview a day after the release of his film.
  • On the day the film was awarded Best Documentary, February 22nd, he was in a 14-5 personal day representing the media. The number 14 is also a karmic debt number representing abuse of human freedom. Which is essentially what Edward’s story and this documentary is about.
  • The film Citizenfour resonates to the Expression number of 11 representing the “idealist” or one that is an inspired thinker. And on the day of the oscars, CitizenFour resonated to a personal day of 11. So ironic and synchronistic.
  • And finally, the soul and personality number of Citizenfour is 5 and 6 respectively – matching up two both of those core numbers in Edward’s chart.

Being a Patriot means knowing when to protect your country

Thank you for that Edward Snowden, and for your bravery and commitment to taking responsibility for our personal lives and our country.

Citizenfour  – Watch the trailer 




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