Mercury is Retrograde – AGAIN!

1511919_695427280479745_1428525602_nIt’s back! Mercury is officially retrograde in Aquarius as of 1.21.2015 on a 12-3 universal day, in a 9 universal month, during an 8 World Year. This MRx cycle ends 2.11.2015 – a 12-3 universal day as well. So communication will be – let’s say interesting this month as the number 3 rules all communication issues.

This activates the
12-3 (double activation) 9 & 8 frequency

MRx is Energized in Aquarius representing self-expression on a large scale. Interestingly enough Aquarians prefer to express themselves through large groups of people. So if you are an Aquarius Sun or Aquarius is your Rising or your Moon sign, then the urge to get your message out to a substantial amount of people will be more intensified through February 11th. Use all forms of media and even you will be surprised at the results. Just keep talking and expressing yourself.

The number 12 is a vibration of reversal, so stop, look and listen before proceeding See things as they really are, not as they appear and then consider your approach. In other words, don’t take on the hostile attitude of others when confronted with such a person because then you become who they are.

The number 3 is all about communication, growth, self-expression and entertainment. There is much opportunity over the next 3 weeks to indulge these desires. Just make sure you review, revise, rework or rewind before you communicate, otherwise you could create ugly snafus.

The number 9 indicates a vibration that involves completion before starting new endeavors. This is an excellent time during an MRx cycle to eliminate what is useless and outdated. Separate yourself from what is not working and pave the way for what is now necessary for your spiritual growth and development. Visualize what you want to bring forth. This includes relationships, jobs, work, career, living spaces. 9 is also the number of the humanitarian, so get in touch with your ideals and compassionate nature.

The number 8 is the World number all during 2015 so it’s all about manifestation, your financial welfare and the law of cause and effect. If you haven’t read my take on 2015 and the meaning of an 8 World Year, click here.

Remember the 4 keys below over the next three weeks to navigate Mercury Retrograde successfully:

  1. Review the information
  2. Revise your perceptions
  3. Rework your interpretation
  4. Rewind yourself

Until next time, I send good universal vibes your way…

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