Robin Williams & Joan Rivers

Over the last several months, we have lost quite a few celebrities including Robin Williams and Joan Rivers, whose deaths were the most shocking. I find it interesting that they were both comedians and their loss has been felt on a very deep level by their many fans. The numbers in their personal charts and forecast charts tells their story and gives a glimpse into what and why.

Actor Robin Williams poses for a portrait during the Happy Feet Press Junket in Beverly Hills, Calif. on Saturday, Nov. 5, 2011. (Dan Steinberg/Invision/AP Images)

Robin Williams – Birth name Robin McLaurin Williams.
July 21, 1951 – August 11, 2014
His core numbers based on birth name and date of birth:

11- 2- 4 – 21/3 – 8 Life Path

I am deeply saddened, along with many others, by the death of Robin Williams, who passed away on August  11th (Day of intuition). There was a huge outpouring of grief and sadness by so many of us left pondering how and why he died. Using his core numbers, this is how I interpret key numbers, that tell Robin’s story.

His life path number was an 8, which is a very strong and powerful numerical vibration and he entered this life plane to lead the way, to direct and to dominate on the world stage through comedy – he was simply born to make us all laugh. He was a powerhouse and highly charged. However, what’s important to understand from looking at his numerology chart, is that Robin’ was someone who was a “sensitive” as he had a Master vibration of an 11 soul number with a 2 personality. Both of these numbers (11 and 2) indicate someone who felt deeply on so many levels. Those with the 11 and 2 vibrations can very easily absorb the feelings and emotions of others making him undoubtedly at the effect of current prevailing situations. His emotions simply got the better of him a lot of the time. The 2 vibration is activated twice in his chart, intensifying his sensitivity, and someone who may have been in emotional pain, but never letting on, allowing his comedic skills to mask this. The negative aspect of the number 2 is someone who may have been privately unhappy and/or felt alone a lot.

Number 11 is the number of intuition and this is how he channeled his skill, as he was being fed information from another dimension and this was simply as natural to him as breathing. If you watch video clips of him, you can see he clearly goes somewhere else – as if in a trance and the words just flow out of him and he just kept going until the information ceased. However, the 11/2 vibration can also make someone very nervous and insecure about themselves. He didn’t display this sensitivity publicly, but in private, his family and closest friends most likely saw his vulnerability.

At the end of his life, it somehow got very difficult for him to process his emotions – including his recent diagnosis of parkinson’s disease – which could have been the straw that broke the camel’s back. The vibration of the 11 is difficult to master and creates a nervous tension all on its own. One of the key aspects of having to deal with a Master 11 vibration, is reigning it in and being in control of that vibration – otherwise this vibration takes control of you and can result in depression and other negative aspects. This was part of Robin’s chosen path. That he was a comedian was his gift to the world. Yet his bane was his own pain. Making others laugh helped him cover up his own inner turmoil. That’s how he came in when he was born. That’s what 2’s do. They are the healers of emotional pain for others. If not handled or reigned in, the 11 and the 2 can become overly sensitive and is easily hurt causing introversion and uncertainty. These emotional numbers also coincide with his Sun, Moon and Rising signs, which were all in water signs. May your soul rest in peace dear Robin. Your medicine laughter will be sorely missed.


joanriversJoan Rivers – Birth name Joan Alexandra Molinsky
June 8, 1983 – September 4, 2014
Her core numbers from her birth name and date of birth:

1 – 3 – 4 – 8 – 3 Life Path

 Joan River’s death was also just as shocking. I knew it was serious on the day she suffered cardiac arrest from minor surgery, as I prayed for her recovery. Let’s take a look at the numbers in her numerology chart and how it played out through her forecast numbers. Joan had a Life Path of is a 3 which is someone who entered this life plane to entertain and fully express herself. We can all agree that she did that to the nth degree. She had double 3’s in her chart, which intensified the vibration of creativity and self-expression with a 3 Life Path and a 3 personality number. She was so bubbly, vibrant and entertaining! She had such imagination and incredible creative talent.

The most interesting thing about Joan River’s death, using the numbers in her Forecast Chart, is that she experienced complications and stopped breathing during a routine throat procedure at a Manhattan clinic on August 28, 2014. This put her in a 3 Personal Day during a 3 Personal Year. So for some reason –  known only to those in the spirit world – her time was up and she was called back on her Personal Day of 3 and her Personal Year of 3. Her communication in the world of comedy and entertainment ended abruptly with the number 3 figured prominently in her chart. As a 3 Life Path, Joan was born with strong communication skills – it was in her DNA. She was not only a comedian, but an actress, a writer, a producer and a television host.  She was all the things, a 3 Life Path came here to do – and she lived her life fully and in full expression of herself. She was a force to be reckoned with.

The other forecasting piece from Joan’s chart is that on the day of her surgery,
8-28-2014 was a universal day of 7. This year – 2014 – happens to be a universal year of 7. On top of that, the Yorkville Endoscopy Clinic that Joan went to for minor surgery, has a Name Number of 7, and the clinic’s forecast numbers show that the clinic is currently in a 7 Personal Year and on the day of Joan’s death, the clinic was experiencing a 7 Personal Day. So  here we have a moment in time where all these 7’s piled up and converged. Number 7 is the number of spirit, faith, spiritual intrigue and mysterious circumstances. The number 7 also collided with Joan’s Personal Year and Day Number of 3 creating a 3-7 vibration which is in what I call the Red Zone – Challenging and provocative situations potentially exist. The interesting thing about the 7 vibration tied into this event is this >> the Yorkville Clinic is now being sued by Joan’s daughter, Melissa. In addition, many people have been critical and suspicious of Joan’s death. These are all aspects of a 7 and if you tie this in to the equation, the number 7 does represent an analytical approach to matters, so the resolution to this matter will be an investigation into her death in a court of law. Melissa wants and deserves answers.

Also from her Forecast chart, Joan was in her last Life Cycle which was also a 7 and does represent a time in one’s life when the deeper questions about life are contemplated. I think she was going through this kind of stuff just before her death- especially when she was challenged about some of her crude jokes about a certain famous person just before her death on CNN. And other news networks had been critical of her as well at the kind of dark humor she had fallen into as of late. Interesting that her last life cycle coincides with all the 7’s under these circumstances. Many people are asking the big question Why? Why did Joan Rivers die from complications due to this seemingly simple surgical procedure? These questions will have to be addressed in a court of law. However, be aware that there may be no right answer that satisfies the family and her many fans because the number 7 is the number of mystery and intrigue and sometimes we have to accept it at face value, as Trust and Faith are the secret words of the 7 to contemplate and mull over.

Finally, Joan was in an Essence Cycle of 9. The Essence Cycle represents conditions and circumstances that demand attention which can shape one’s personal efforts or affairs in that person’s life from birthday to birthday. The Essence represents the changes and influences that come your way during that cycle. A 9 Essence Cycle – the one that Joan was in at the time of her death – is a cycle where dramatic spiritual expansion can be experienced. Things end. People or circumstances are forgiven and one finally lets go of all those things that have no value. I think Joan was at that point in her life. Interestingly enough though, if someone hangs onto negative attachments out of a sense of injustice during this particular epicycle – then there can be prolonged lawsuits. Such is the case of Melissa Rivers vs the Yonkville Clinic. Melissa is acting on her Mother’s behalf out of duty and service to her Mother (a 9 quality) by extending her voice in Joan’s final 9 Essence Cycle, so that she can eventually understand her Mother’s death, let it go and move forward with her own life.

RIP Robin Williams and Joan Rivers. You inspired so many and made us laugh!
886364_10200193853903406_98712294_oKathleen Lamoureux is a Transformational Life Coach and Spiritual Intuitive in Berkeley. She coaches her clients utilizing numerology and other divination tools to help, as she says,  “Discover YourSelf”  and in the process, helps them step into their power, discover their life purpose and get back on track by assisting them toward their authentic Life Path and Destiny. Kathleen believes that all numbers tell a story and are intrinsically linked to everything that happens in our personal lives and on the world stage. Book a coaching session with Kathleen today at








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