Malaysian Flight 370 Mystery: The clues are in the numbers

boeing_777-200er_malaysia_al_mas_9m-mro_-_msn_28420_404_9272090094The disappearance of Malaysia Flight MH370 12 days ago is indeed as mysterious and complex as it is shrouded in mystery.  We are naturally riveted by this story because it so mysterious and unsolved after 12 days. The families are living out a nightmare scenario, but still living with hope in their hearts. Many people have been affected on a deep emotional and spiritual level because of this incident. This story has opened us up more than ever to a level that we may not be accustomed to, or have acknowledged – that of spirituality, faith and trust in the unknowable. Why? Well first of all, we want and like problems solved – which is the ego-feeling mode. Second of all, we are in a Universal Year of 7 as I wrote about in My Numerology Prediction for 2014. 2014 is the year of learning to have FAITH which is the spirit-feeling mode. Keywords for the number 7 are Mystery and the Unknowable. The speculation and rumors have run the gamut from a hijacking to an alien abduction. Still it’s a mystery and unsolved and we naturally crave and want answers – we want this mystery to be resolved.

My numerology assessment provides the clues through the numbers and the vibrations that were in play that day, this month and this year. Numbers are vibrations that impact the energy of the universe at any given moment in time. Numerology is the vibration of numbers.

The first thing I see in the numbers MH370 is 3 representing communication which was lost; 7 representing mysteries and the unknown;  and 0 representing an endless cycle with no beginning and no end – and with that, this disaster may never be solved.

  • The entire flight Number MH370 adds up to a master number 22 vibration representing the God force and again representing a cycle that has no end and no beginning.
  • Number 370 represents a clear connection to God.
  • 22 reduces to the number 4 and represents travel plans and tense situations.
  • MH370 disappeared on March 8. The number 8 represents powerful forces that came together in a defining state of infinity.
  • 239 souls on board comes to 14/5 a Karmic debt number representing unexpected occurrences.
  • 14/5 is also the media number and communication which seems to be a key factor due to lost communication.

March 8, 2014

  • Day 8 = Powerful forces are at work
  • Week 10/1 = 10 represents a meeting with destiny and 1 represents a new cycle and a new Path is forged. i.e. return to heavenly realms…
  • Month 3 = This is about communication, but is is cut off on flight MH730.
  • Year 7 = Spiritually and faith being tested. Trust is essential.
  • Universal Day Number 18/9 = Deception and hidden forces as well as endings.


These vibrations – comparing the day/month/week/year – are based on my 4-zone system comparing numbers to each other based on compatibility to each other. Notice that all the vibrations are either in the gray zone (unclear and murky conditions exist) or the red zone (challenging and compromising conditions)

  • Day 8 compared to Week 10/1 – The 8-1 vibration is in the Gray Zone 
  • Day 8 compared to Month 3  – The 8-3 vibration is in the Red Zone
  • Day 8 compared to the World Year 7 – The 8-7  vibration is in the Red Zone. 
  • Universal Day number 18/9 compared to Day 8 – The 9-8 vibration is in the Red Zone. 
  • Week 10/1 vs Flight MH370 (22/4) – The 1-4 vibration is in the Red Zone


196213784db384bd551b39432fc479abTarot card for Day 8 is Strength representing one who walks with a lion with loose constraints. Courage is essential.

Tarot card for Week 10/1 is the Magician representing the magiciangildedpower of the will. This card is all about the law of cause and effect, actions and consequences.


Tarot card for Month 3 is the Empress and is a card of secrecy. What will be known will be revealed when it is supposed to be. And therein lies the secret of flight MH370.

Tarot card for Universal Year 7 is the Chariot and symbolically chariot-card-gilded1the Charioteer is the soul directing the body to another realm…

moon-tarot-cardthe hermit, gilded Tarot

Tarot card for the universal day of 18/9 is both the Moon and the Hermit. And here we have uncertainty and illusion combined with a card that tells us we have the answer but there is a deep need to go within to reflect before we know what to do or how to react.

Tarot card for MH370 is the Emperor – Basically this represents authority or the will of authority. It’s the line drawn between heaven and earth.GildedEMPEROR



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