11:11 Spiritual Wisdom Intensifies

1111+11+11There is an intensification of the number 11 today as we have double 11’s in both today’s day number and in the universal date. The number 11 signifies that you have intuitive strengths and not to ignore what you know to be true.

This is especially important today while Mercury is still in the retrograde position. Do not go against that little voice inside of your head, otherwise you could have the opposite experience causing you to be outside of the power of your strengths.

The message this week is about spiritual wisdom and this vibration is intensified today. We are all developing spiritually quite rapidly in a 7 universal year (have faith) in a 9 universal month (release and transformation) and an 11:11 sequence is a message that things are opening up quite quickly. Help is on the way assisting you not only with manifesting, but you are able to actualize your deepest desires and dreams.

picmonkey_imageKathleen Lamoureux is an intuitive numerologist in the San Francisco Bay Area. For a reading, book a coaching session.

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