Peyton Manning and the Number 7

seattleWell I did predict that the Seattle Seahawks would win the Super Bowl several hours before the game began on my Facebook page all based on the numbers and numerology.

This is a direct quote from my FB page.

 OK all you football fans and lovers, I predict the Seattle Seahawks will win based on numerology. While both the destiny numbers of the broncos and Seahawks are a natural match to the 7 universal year – the Seahawks have the advantage because they have a 7 destiny number to the 7 universal year – so they are more in alignment with the current universal energy.

The Seahawks did win Superbowl 43-8. But look at the number 43 – it adds up to the number 7. Again, 7 is the universal year number and its presence and vibration is being felt on a spiritual level on the world stage and in the personal lives of those where this vibration and energy wants to be felt far and wide. The number 7 is all about  spiritual growth and it’s going to continue to pop up all during 2014 in critical situations and meaningful ways.

Peyton Manning Broncos 2012 WallpaperPeyton Manning and the number 7

I’m sure Peyton is crushed at the outcome because let’s face it, the Denver Bronco’s got crushed at Superbowl 48. Not that I am a football fan – far from it – but I do know that a football team pins its wins and losses on the Quarterback. I am sure he began contemplating his future the moment the game was over. As a numerologist, I couldn’t help myself but to take a look at his numerology chart. Here’s a quick overview and some forecasting for Peyton Manning.

Peyton has a 22/4 Destiny number which is a very powerful master vibration, and his 4 Destiny is a comfortable vibration to his very own 7 personal year. The 4-7 vibration is in the Blue Zone for Peyton all during 2014 which means that he is experiencing just what he needs to be working on for the growth of his soul. 4 is about structure and looking and examine the foundations of one’s life and 7 is the number of faith, spirituality, trust, letting go and letting God. This means that this is the year where Peyton will be doing a lot of ‘soul-searching’ and I’m sure he’s going to go deeper inside of himself even more right now because that is what this vibration requires – solitude and introspection. He’ll be looking for the deeper meaning of his life and reevaluating everything. He’ll be examining his very core and what he should be doing with his life.

The challenge for Peyton is that he has a 5 Life Path with a 22/4 Destiny Number. The 4-5 vibration is a challenge to each other and are in the Red Zone to each other. When there is a Red Zone vibration, everything is difficult all during one’ life, and situations can be be demanding, exacting and taxing. There will always be a certain amount of confusion in his life because these two numbers are at odds with each other, and his football career (while noble) is not a natural fit with what he came here to become in this lifetime with his 22/4 Destiny. I read somewhere that if Peyton won Superbowl 48, he was going to retire. My guess is that he will retire anyway, because with a 22 Destiny number, his life will take him on another path. The Destiny number is what you came here to aspire to become. He’s proven himself in the game of football, and let’s not forget that he wears Superbowl bling on his finger. But with such a powerful and masterful Destiny number (22) his life is only just beginning because I believe Peyton will build something more masterful with his life. 22’s dream of changing the world and changing history.

Peyton Manning, my prayers are with you during this difficult time and I will be watching to see what you do with your life beginning today and how you will turn things around positively♥

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