What Does The Year of the Horse Mean in Numerology?


Celebrations are underway today in many countries around the world as Chinese New Year begins. In China, it’s actually called spring festival or Lunar New Year. 2014 is the Year of the Horse and each year is assigned a designation named after an animal based on the dates of the Chinese New Year.  According to the ancient chinese zodiac system, your animal sign is what they call a circle of animals. The 12 animal zodiac signs are  rat, ox, tiger, hare, dragon, snake, horse, sheep, monkey, rooster, dog and boar.

Are You a Horse?


Feb 11, 1918 – Jan 31, 1919
Jan 30, 1930 – Feb 16, 1931
Feb 15, 1942 – Feb 4, 1932
Feb 3, 1954 –   Feb 23, 1955
Jan 21, 1966 – Feb 8, 1967
Feb 7, 1978 –   Jan 27, 1979
Jan 27, 1990 – Feb 14, 1991
Feb 12, 2002 – Jan 31, 2003
Jan 31, 2014 – Feb 18, 2015

In Chinese tradition the horse is a heroic figure that carried them to success in war over the centuries. We also use the expression ‘horsepower’ when we talk about speed and strength. In the modern world, the power of a car engine is based upon its horsepower.

In numerology, the horse can be compared to the number 8 – the vibration which represents strength, power, aggressiveness and authority. The Year of the Horse is a year of harvest and can bring good fortune to those who work hard and are willing to take a chance in business ventures. It can be a year where there is a return on your investment and material growth. Financially, things can finally work out as your inner strength and confidence break through. But according to the Feng Shui experts Master Koon of Hong Kong and, Chen Shuaifu, the 61-year old chairman of the Chinese Feng Shui Association, it’s an  unfortunate year for those born in the year of the Horse, Rat and Ox, but a good year for those born in the year of the Sheep, Tiger and Dog. There could be some difficulties in the area of finances and there is the possibility of upheavals in the stock market. I’m certainly no Feng Shui or Chinese zodiac system expert, but I am an expert at numerology, so let’s take a look at the numbers and see what the the forecast for the Year of the Horse has in store. Are the vibrations positive, comfortable, neutral or challenging? Let’s find out.

number-3-hiUniversal Day

January 31, 2014 (first day of Chinese New Year) is a 3 universal day representing expressive communication, imagination, joy, dynamic celebrations and inspiration. Of course this all fits because it’s an action-packed holiday that lasts 14 days and goes through February 14th this year – ending on Valentine’s Day – a 14/5 day representing change and release. Yes! All good things come to an end.

Anyone born during a Horse year who has the number 3 in either their Personal Year number or their Life Path number will begin the year on a positive note – especially as it relates to communication issues and creative endeavors. Great month or year to celebrate and socialize. Remember it’s not what you know, but who you know, so mingle, mingle, mingle. If you are wanting to express yourself through a book, music or teaching, then the vibration of the 3 will help you with those endeavors. Your task is to meet as many people in the areas of publishing or the media in general. Then you must follow through. Don’t scatter your energy and stay focused for best results.

Your Personal Year Zone Forecast in the Year of the Horse

The personal year zone you are in is based upon and compared to the 7 universal year for 2014. This applies to you whether you are a horse or not, however the energy of the particular personal year Zone you are in could be a little more intense due to the Year of the Horse which is quite a powerful and strong vibration. You need to be ready to align yourself with people in authority and build upon relationships with the right people who can give you the financial help or the success you desire. Great year to focus on working on your finances and making money, but do be careful with the stock market as that could be a little rocky and unstable this year. (How to calculate your Personal Year is at the end of this article).

  • If you are in a 1, 5 or 7 Personal Year, you are in the Green Zone this year. It’s full speed ahead and everything opens up for you.
  • If you are in a 4 Personal Year, you are in the Blue Zone this year. Comfortable conditions exist and things should be status quo.
  • If you are in a 2, 3, 6 or 8 Personal Year, you are in the Red Zone this year. This will be a challenging year for you. There will be many compromises and you may have to make a lot of concessions.
  • If you are in a 9 Personal Year, you are in the Gray Zone this year. Things will be neutral or in the middle. Things can be up or they can be down. Best to find your center because things may not be exactly crystal clear this year.

Horse Name Numbers – Soul / Personality / Expression

The name Horse has 3 name numbers of 11 – 9 – 11. In numerology these are powerful numbers just as a Horse is. First of all there are two 11’s and this intensifies the vibration of intuition and illumination. Second of all, 11 is a karmic master number vibration representing clairvoyance and strong metaphysical and spiritual intelligence. Then there is the number 9 representing one who is a humanitarian and who likes to help others. If you think about it, the horse did a lot back in the day when they were relied upon as a means of transportation.

So if any of your core numbers from either your Name or Life Path numbers are 11 or 9 or both, then the alignment of those numbers in relation to your own numerology chart numbers will or can be intensified in the areas of intuition, humanitarian endeavors, power, and healing. Intuitively, the left side of your body will open up and you will experience an intelligence of the mind that you have not have experienced before. If you have had intuitive flashes before, then you will begin to understand your soul’s purpose and soul mission. What you know intuitively and your wisdom will increase exponentially.

Pay attention to your dreams and to any symbols around you such as coins, feathers, lights flashing, repeating numbers or any animals or birds that enter your space. They are there to give you assistance to any problem you may have. There are a lot of good websites that provide information on symbolism.

 How to Calculate Your Personal Year Number

Simply add the month and day of your birth to the universal year number, which is 7.

Example for someone born on March 9th:
3 + 9 + 7 = 19
1 + 9 = 1

This person therefore, is in a 1 Personal Year and they are in the Green Zone to the Year of the Horse and the 7 universal year. So things will be in the flow for them. It’s a green light year where all opportunities open up and there are many possibilities.

Famous Horse Personalities

Franklin D Roosevelt
Barbara Streisand
Chris Evert
Jennifer Lawrence
Phil Coulter
Gordon Ramsey
Edna O’Brien
Nicky Byrne

What’s your Personal Year Number? Share your personal Year of the Horse story below in the comments section.

Namaste ♥

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