The Rise and Fall of Justin Bieber



Justin Bieber was arrested and put in jail on January 24th for drunken driving and resisting arrest. Justin is in a Personal Year of 2 in a 7 Universal Year and is in what I call a Red Zone Year in 2014 representing challenges and compromise. During a Red Zone Year there will be many difficulties and challenges. In Justin’s case there could be continued confrontations with authority figures if he continues in this direction. He is obviously following a path that many celebrities under the influence of drugs and alcohol will experience – self-destruction and sabotage. A personal year of 2 demands cooperation and diplomacy. We can see where this got him as he resisted arrest and did not take responsibility for his actions. He is also in a 7 personal month and this vibration is even more intensified in a 7 universal year. A negative 7 vibration shows up as someone who becomes aloof, distant, hostile, withdrawn, antisocial and exhibits socially awkward behavior. During the past year he had to be restrained over a paparazzi fiasco, was seen shopping in London with a gas mask on, and on January 15th, his house was raided and searched for drugs because he was accused of egging his neighbors house. In 2012 he threw up on stage during his “Out of Town Girl” tour and awkwardly blamed it on bad milk. Unfortunately, Justin is living in his ego self and is completely out of tune with his spiritual side. Continuing on this pathway will only lead to serious loss and failure and a decline in his stature as a serious musician.

The evolution of Justin Bieber from the adored puppy love singer just a few years ago, to his wild and erratic behavior over the last year up to his arrest in Miami this past week shows that he is not following the positive side of his 9 life path – one who works tirelessly and effortlessly towards humanitarian endeavors. A 9 Life Path serves and gives back to others. Instead, Justin is robbing himself spiritually, and others he could be helping, by engaging in superficial activities and things that do not benefit mankind. Justin is choosing to live on the negative side of this vibration and is fighting the reality of his true purpose in life.  The Life Path number is the number that one chooses to enter this earth plane with to work on certain lessons and fundamental traits . The negative tendencies of a 9 LIfe Path can show up as arrogant, egocentric and even mental instability. In Justin’s case, drugs and alcohol are at the root of his unpredictable behavior.  Interestingly enough, the night of January 24th when he was arrested, he was in a 9 Personal Day aligning with his 9 Life Path in a negative way. The message and the warning is that he is not living up to his full potential and greatness. He is not in harmony with his true nature falling victim to drugs, alcohol and ego-centered behavior not suiting a 9 Life Path.

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